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    My adorable grandchildren-4girls and a boy, travel, theatre (I teach high school theatre), reading, Scotty McCreery!

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  1. Can't stop listening!!!
  2. Thanks, Sherry!! I bought a long HDMI cable today to connect them together!
  3. Y'all, I hate to sound stupid but..........if we cannot get the concert to go over to our TV, we can just watch it right there on our computer, right????? I got my cousin to buy a ticket, and I need to be able to tell her.
  4. He is 7th now!! I will try voting every hour or so.
  5. I've got tickets for Chris and myself.....can't wait for Sept. 4 to hear Scotty's new music!....and his old music, for that matter!!
  6. My goodness, Sherry! Hang in there! Stay safe......and Liz and Angela, too!
  7. I am having trouble getting on properly!
  8. ! YAY!!! Congratulations, Scotty!!!
  9. Fingers crossed for keeping this #1 through Sunday!!! #GOSCOTTYGO !!!
  10. YEEESSSSSS!! #GoScottyGo ❤
  11. Come on, Scotty!! #GoScottyGo
  12. Thanks for all you do to keep us posted every day, Deb!!
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