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Rank The Following Seasons Of The Show.

Ethan F-R

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In anticipation of Season 26, rank all of these seasons. All Of These Seasons Had More Than One New Coach. Rank the seasons in terms of talent and/or coaches. What are you looking forward to in the new season?



1. Season 1.

2. Season 4.

3. Season 7.

4. Season 11.

5. Season 23.




Also (Kind-Of):

1. Season 16. (John Legend, and “The Comeback Stage Coach”, Bebe Rexha.

2. Season 25 (Dan + Shay are TWO people).

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Posted (edited)

1. Season 4 - Danielle Bradbery, Amber Carrington, Sasha Allen, Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons, Michelle Chamuel, etc etc etc...this season was just stacked.

2. Season 23 - This season would've been so much better if the lives format wasn't so weird, only 2 weeks of lives is ridiculous IMO. But this was a good season nonetheless, one of my favorite Final 2's in the history of the show, and great performances from other artists too like Sorelle, Holly, Cait, & D.Smooth

3. Season 25 - This season went from really bad in the blinds & battles to having one of the best KO & best playoff rounds I can remember. Don't think this season has that many super memorable acts but overall a decent season

4. Season 16 - What was shaping up to be a very good season after the blinds & battles became a below average season because of how terrible the format was. This season generated some very iconic blinds though & Maelyn in general obviously brings the season up a bit

5. Season 11 - The season had some good blinds & good KO's but everything else was pretty rough. The elimination order in the lives was pretty awful.

6. Season 1 - Barely watchable product, I loved Dia though

7. Season 7 - Worst season I've ever watched and I don't see it getting topped anytime soon. The live shows were some of the worst TV I've ever watched in my life & watching every coach cut their best singers in the KO's was so frustrating (Toia, Troy, & Beth were so robbed)

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