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The Buzz with CCX - Season 22 Episode 17

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Happy Mother's Day! Again no drink since I'm working tomorrow, and pretty much every day this month. We're just jumping into the judges singing "You've Got a Friend in Me". Even Ryan sings a verse. Of course, usually Mother's Day is its own theme, and in fairness usually when Disney Night comes that late it's only one of the themes...but not tonight; it's double Disney. Tonight's Katy cosplay is Cinderella. It wouldn't be a Disney Night without it. ...Oh, there's your Mother's Day; we've got ten people on that couch. Abi's leading off with "Part of Your World". Kane Brown, tonight's mentor, wants her to engage the audience more and not be so static on stage. Ryan also says that tonight's performances will feature authentic art from the Disney vault. The confetti is still making its presence known. So far Abi hasn't followed Kane's advice, but in fairness, do you really expect her to not wear a floor-length dress when singing one of Ariel's songs? ...Actually I don't think that dress does reach the floor; it just looked like it because the smoke machine was obscuring her feet. Yeah, now that the song's over you can see that it wasn't quite the mermaid dress. Katy's making puns. 83. After the break, Triston will be doing "Almost There", followed by Emmy Russell doing a Hannah Montana song. Yeah, that's kind of an easy pick for a country girl in this theme.


Princess and the Frog, which is getting a tribute later tonight, is the source on this one. ...Triston's stagnated. He's still a great singer, but it's been a few shows since he's looked like a contender. 68. Katy's playing with a toy mouse and calling it Gus. And yes, of course it's "The Climb". 86. Luke comments on how there are notes that earlier in the competition Emmy wouldn't have even attempted. Emmy's getting emotional again. They show Emmy's mom on the couch and my mom comments on how much she looks like Loretta.


Idina Menzel's here! The Frozen soundtrack has just been certified diamond. And now, back to the performances. Jack's a Star Wars fan, which counts as Disney now. He's singing Brad Paisley's "Nobody's Fool" from Cars 2. The one male singer left in the competition who can do a non-country song and he steals this. And steals the show. 95. Lionel rechristens him "Jack Swagger". Katy's still going hard on the Cinderella puns, please make it stop. Will Moseley closes out the round with "The Ballad of a Lonesome Cowboy" from Toy Story 4. Kane asks him why he chose this song, and he says it's different from anything he's done on the show so far. ...A song with a name that country is "different"? Seems pretty same-y to me. 62 He forgot the lyrics! I didn't even catch it because I'm not familiar with this song, but the rest of the discussion topic certainly did. 47.


The tribute to The Princess and the Frog happens, but I'm too busy trying to figure out how to accurately write "all of y'all", because you don't actually pronounce the f. It's like the first two words are a contraction, pronounced "awl-uh", except with the way contractions work that would be spelled "allo'" Which isn't exactly intuitive that it would be pronounced that way. Quick reminder that I'm from New Jersey.


Emmy and her mom Patsy at Animal Kingdom, though I kind of miss that because I've got my own animal to deal with. It's getting summery which means the cat pretty much only comes in for meals. Emmy's singing "Carry Me With You" from Onward. I love her outfit! And she's got the confidence, walking around the stage. 96. Katy manages to tie the lyrics into pregnancy and makes the "9 months vs. 10 months" mistake. It's closer to nine months than to ten, but "pregnancy months" aren't real months, they're 4-week periods, and a healthy pregnancy is 40 weeks but that's only 9 months and 1 week in the real world. Also, maybe it's less that Emmy has confidence and more that she's getting better at faking it, because here's that fast talking and country-isms.


The Top 5 also managed to have time to hit the studio to record their debut singles, because with the same night voting, they have to give the two who get eliminated a song too...wait, no, that doesn't make sense. Still having results shows would change nothing. Triston's doing "Life Is a Highway" from Cars. Like I said, Jack's the only remaining male contestant who can venture out of the country lane and be remotely convincing. 38.


Abi taking full advantage of the fact that Disney goes way beyond the animated canon and Pixar, with Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I'm looking at the whole soundtrack and holy loophole. There are a ton of songs that were radio hits in the sixties and seventies on this soundtrack from the late 2010s. Very emotional time at Disney with Abi and her mom Andrea. A little squeaky at one point where she overreached, but still an 89.


From Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, it's...David Bowie's "Space Oddity", courtesy of Jack Blocker. It's interesting if nothing else. But...it kind of was nothing else. 67.


Will closes out the second half, too, with "Born to be Wild" from D3: The Mighty Ducks. This theme isn't very restrictive at all. 84.


Will is the first one into the finale, second is Abi, and third is Jack. My pick for the worst of the night went home, but so did my pick for the best.

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