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Melinda was on the show last night, haha!


I'd wager to guess that many of them moved on to different interests; Idol's been on for over 20 years, after all. I personally stopped watching in 2021 and only just now returned due to Mandisa's passing and the tribute the show did for her. Decided to sample this season's cast and find them to be overall pretty good, so I may stick around for a little while longer.

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From what I heard, the two of them still text each other their thoughts. You might be lucky to catch Melinda on Reddit (😅) during finale night. I can tell she felt that connection with Mandisa. ✝️


If you're looking for a replacement, Clark Beckham really gets into the mechanics of both the music and the show while being entertaining. He even got a surprise satirical cameo from Graham DeFranco shortly after his elimination.

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