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The Buzz with CCX - Season 22 Episode 14

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Too Turnt Tea again. We've got baby pictures, though the years on them seem to be the contestants' birth years even though many of these pictures look to be of them as toddlers. And those years, ugh, I feel old. Most of them start with a 2. Shania Twain is the mentor for, you guessed it, Year You Were Born Night! Which softens the blow since it's been a few years since we had one of those and I'd been looking forward to seeing some mid-00s in there. Mia's up first, repping 2004 with Shania's "No One Needs To Know". She picked it before even finding out that Shania was the mentor. I'm not familiar with this song but I sincerely doubt that that pause in the vocals is supposed to be there. And I'm right; Luke called her out on forgetting the words. Lionel says he "caught her thinking" on that song because she didn't have her props (e.g. the guitar). Katy calls her on trying to impress someone, and they show her boyfriend in the audience. 65. She sounded good when she was singing, but that brain cramp was obvious even if Luke didn't call it out.


Jack Blocker is up second singing Cher's 1998 #1 hit "Believe". An interesting choice to be sure, but seeing the mentor session, it seems he's doing his own interpretation. His Texas is showing in his wardrobe. But an acoustic version of the song that's basically synonymous with autotune...wow. 95. Every week he manages to outdo himself.


McKenna Faith Breinholt was also born in 1998, and she always had the passion for music but as a child, her voice apparently wasn't there. She's singing "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls...I love this song! This is why I'm so happy about Year You Were Born; the range of potential years is right around when I was growing up. She says she's going to be faithful to the original...I'm not impressed. This is very karaoke. 34, at best. Katy was taken back to her childhood. McKenna's got a fan club in the audience. Kayko is up fourth, and he's from the year 2000. ...What's he going to do? ...Oh. His goal is to do "Oops I Did It Again" in the style of "Bohemian Rhapsody". But he realized it was a mistake and changed his song late. Instead, it's "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus, which is more in line with what I expected out of him. 84. Kayko's back! Luke says "at any moment, it's like a skateboard's gonna come out and you're gonna start doing skateboard maneuvers." Okay, yes, I did love Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Ryan comments on the makeup. Shania gives the feedback. And after the break, Emmy's going to be singing a...blink-182 song. Now that's something I'd have expected out of Kayko! But IIRC, this is going to be a song from Enema of the State, not their self-titled album. Pity; "I Miss You" would be a good song from someone outside the rocker mold. (Both albums I own, of course).


Yep, 1999. Shania says that there's no Shania Twain without Loretta Lynn. And no surprise, it's "All the Small Things". Interestingly, it sounds like the band's trying to play "What's My Age Again?" instead. But I'm fine with this country version. And she even finds a way to fill the very long instrumental portion that the original does have. 89. Luke says what I'm thinking again, that you wouldn't expect one of her best vocals to be on a blink-182 song. Season 18 winner Just Sam finally gets her moment on the Idol stage, singing Whitney Houston's "One Moment In Time". Interesting, most past contestants perform originals, not covers...


It's Triston Harper's turn, and he's singing Jason Aldean's 2008 hit "She's Country". Seems right in his wheelhouse. But Shania sees the soul in his voice, and wants him to make the song his own. Oh, yeah, Shania started from a place of hardship too, didn't she? Luke's clearly in his element. 92. He's commanding the stage like a veteran.


In addition to the Judges' Song Contest, tomorrow night will be the tribute to Mandisa. Abi Carter was born in 2002 and she's singing Coldplay's "Clocks". Shania instantly asks if she plays piano, and she says she does but she won't be on this song. She's starting off the stage. I feel like I remember other performances like this. This is a full performance, it's all over the place but in a good way. There are moments where it feels like "too much", but others where it feels like "never too much". 98. Julia Gagnon will be up after the break, but before that, it'll be Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery.


Scotty's been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, and he's singing his new song "Cab in a Solo". ...He looks almost exactly the same at 30 as he did at 17. ...Oh. Cabernet in a Solo cup. Wait, is that baby they just showed in the audience his? Yes it is! Julia's singing Bryan Adams' 2002 soundtrack song "Here I Am"...oh, from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron! Never actually saw that movie. But this definitely sounds like a Bryan Adams song. And damn Julia's slaying it. Fine, it wouldn't be a proper show if I didn't give out a 100. Julia earned it. How many more performances do we have? Looks like 2. Katy compares her to Kelly Clarkson. Ryan trots out the "no one is safe so make sure you vote!" so you know the producers want her to stay. Up next, another 2000 song, courtesy of Will Moseley.


When Will found out who the mentor would be, he figured his mother would be so happy; she's a big fan. He's singing Travis Tritt's "Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde". Nice choice. Now if only my television didn't start skipping again (it did it during Julia's performance too). 97. Well, the thing is, even without forgetting the words, Mia's would've been one of the weaker performances tonight so I don't feel so bad not voting for her.


Kaibrienne's from 2003 and she's singing a...3 Doors Down song? "Here Without You"! ...Oh. A couple weeks before she came to Hollywood, a childhood friend unexpectedly passed away. ...Please don't break down on stage. You've done it once already. Sadly, Shania's advice seems to be the exact opposite, asking her to fully lean into the emotion. But she made it through. 99 103. holy crap that was a big note.


First to make it through is Triston Harper. Nice to see his name called early this time. Kaibrienne is second. Good. And third is Jack Blocker; nothing wrong here. Julia fourth, so good. Abi's the fifth one in, and sixth is...McKenna. Well we started strong. Will is seventh, leaving Kayko, Emmy, and Mia. Emmy gets the spot, which is well deserved.

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