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The Buzz with CCX - Season 22 Episode 11

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Ah, shit, I completely forgot that there was another show tonight! I was honestly considering going to sleep early, but then at about ten past I suddenly remembered that it wasn't just 9-11 where I had a show. Quintavious was up first and was not safe, and then McKenna Faith Breinholt was up second and was safe; I missed both performances. I'll go back and watch them at 11--though I threatened to go right back upstairs and watch the show from the start on DVR if my mother didn't shut up about the ex-president's trial. Like I understand, but it's not good for your blood pressure to pay too much attention to it.


Jordan Anthony is up third, and he's not safe. He sings "Attention" by Charlie Puth. 17. He really wasn't good. Jack Blocker is up fourth and he makes it through. He's singing Post Malone's "Feeling Whitney". There's a hard cap on how highly I can rate any of his performances because he's not nearly as vocally talented as most of the other contestants, but he once again hits pretty high on the range of possibilities, earning a 67. And a third person is called forward without a commercial break! Kennedy Reid. She's not safe. She sings "Somethin' Bad" by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood. I don't think this is in her wheelhouse. 46. We're not going great.


Dumbass Whiskey's cinnamon whiskey, "Fire-Crotch". Up sixth is Jennifer Jeffries. I think we're not voting tonight; they haven't been showing numbers. Another one who didn't make it. I haven't really had any qualms with any of these! Jack probably wouldn't have been my choice to be safe, but he was decent enough. Jennifer's singing Kodaline's "All I Want". Like Jack, I can't see myself ever giving Jennifer a 5-star rating. 68. Next is Ajii, and he's also not in the Top 14 yet. First one I think I disagree with, but I did vote for 12 contestants last night and I think he was one of the more borderline ones. He sings "Call Out My Name" by the Weeknd. Again, not as good as his performance in Hawaii. 69. We've got a lot of "just okay" right now. Oh, wait, I'm thinking he might've been one I didn't vote for! Yeah, double-checked. We're seven contestants in and only 2 have been safe, but 6 of the 8 that I didn't vote for are among these first seven.


Mia Matthews is up eighth, and she's so nervous that she tries to take the stage before learning if she's safe. She is. She sings "Burning House" by Cam. It's pretty good. I'll give it a 79. Kayko is up next, and apparently he made a post where he called Ryan "Dad". "Son, you're in the top 14". An original, of course, called "What If?" And I'm reminded why I loved him so much--because he can be for Gen Alpha and the tail end of Gen Z what Simple Plan and Linkin Park were for millenials like me. 90.


And already I've moved on to my soft drink, a lone can of Starry that's probably been sitting in the fridge for at least a month past when the penultimate can of the pack was taken. Nya was the last one on my voting list, so I'm not to disappointed by her failure to make it into the Top 14 without the judges' help. She sings "Water" by Tyla (who?), and once again, she's right in the "she deserves another week but I wouldn't be too disappointed if she left" zone at 75. Ryan says he played that song a few times on KIIS-FM, so that explains why I haven't heard of it--I haven't listened to the radio much at all since getting my new car on Labor Day 2022 (I was told it had in-built SiriusXM, but I got an error message trying to transfer it over and I'm famously bad at following up when things aren't easy) and even when I do, it's usually PopRocks and when a song I don't like comes up the first back-up is 90s on 9 and the second is Pop2K so a non-rock song, I wouldn't know it. Will Moseley is into the Top 14 and he performs his original "Gone for Good". 92? I think? I don't know; the whiskey's starting to hit me. Ryan shouts out a member of the crew named Shaka and brings him out on stage.


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Night next week, with special guest mentor Gene Simmons. Abi Carter is next to learn her fate, and of course, she's in the Top 14--I started writing that before Ryan even said it. She sings "My Mind" by Yebba (again, who?) 99. She's kind of reminding me of Idina Menzel up there. Another Platinum Ticket winner, Odell Bunton Jr., is the next to learn his fate, and he is not safe yet but he'll probably earn a wild card. He sings "Wait on You" by an absolute phone book's worth of artists. 97, Very impressive. He's got the gospel in him! Luke forgets what era we're in and expresses concern that the gospel singers are splitting votes.


Kaibrienne is up next and she's looking amazing. And she's safe. She sings "Zombie" by the Cranberries. Not an easy song. Katy's looking oddly serious. 100. She nailed it. Mackenzie Sol is up next and he's not safe; he sings "False Alarms" by Lawrence featuring Jon Bellion. ...I like it? I like it! 87. And we're going right into another result. Emmy Russell, representing the country aesthetic in ripped jeans and barefoot. She's into the Top 14 and singing her original "skinny", which she sang at her audition. Dang, I thought that downgrading Abi from 100 to 99 was going to come in handy when Kaibrienne came out and killed it on Zombie, but this puts that to shame. 105! ...My typing is barely holding on. It's already bad enough with my keyboard frequently dropping o's, but I'm definitely looped right now.


Julia is up next, and Ryan confirms what I thought that she was actually singing a coronation song last night, Fantasia's "I Believe". Tonight she sings "Need A Favor" by Jelly Roll. Um...74 I guess. I don't even know if she was safe. Jayna Elise isn't safe yet, and sings Paramore's "All I Wanted". ...Oops. Somehow Emmy wasn't the best either. 109. The last two will be Roman Collins and Triston Harper, and obviously it'll be Triston who'll be safe but we need another commercial break.


Yep, Triston is safe. No surprises there. He sings Cody Johnson's "'Til You Can't". 102. Yeah my curve's all freaked up. Roman's turn, singing for the judges' decision. James Brown's "It's A Man's Man's Man's World", and it's just kind of blah...no, it's not even that. 42. But apparently Katy's just had a wardrobe malfunction.


Time for the judges' picks. Jayna is the first to be named safe, which is good. Jordan is next, which is not. Nya is third, which is acceptable. And Roman is fourth, which is bad again.


Quintavious sang Mariah Carey's "Make It Happen", and I'm even more angry about Jordan and Roman making it through because Quintavious was good! 84. McKenna's turn, and she sang her birth parents' song, "Tumbleweed". ...74. It wasn't bad, but not special.

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