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The Buzz with CCX - Season 22 Episode 4

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Paddy's Irish Whiskey, of course. Our first contestant is Deidy Jeudy, age 16. She has three younger brothers who all have a condition that leaves them visually impaired. She's singing "River" by Leon Bridges, and she's got a huge voice. She deserves to go, and does. I wasn't totally paying attention as we don't go straight to break. Our next one isn't quite the sure thing that Deidy was, but she's still pretty good. Big voice, but I'm not fully sure she can control it.


Athena Jett is 20 years old from Las Vegas, NV, and her whole family made the trip from Vegas to Santa Barbara in an RV; her 12-year-old sister is her biggest fan and also crocheted a gift for Katy and her daughter. I am a fan of Athena.


As we went to break, Athena's sister barged in, and it turns out, she had a suggestion. Athena sang "Never Enough" from The Greatest Showman for her recital. And she sings it here, and it's what she needed to get the judges on her side. Quintavious Johnson, 21, is a worship leader in Franklin, TN, and he sings "Alabaster Box" by CeCe Winans. It's...good. Not quite the "strength" I normally expect out of a gospel singer, but then again, I'm Jewish so this is outside the area of my expertise. I think he goes through. He does, with three yeses. My only critique is that I think his voice is more suited towards soul than gospel, which I know is not a huge distinction, but that's what I say.


Lillian Hackett sings an original called "Tennessee", and she goes through. I'm okay with this. Payton Riley from Montgomery, TX, just turned 15, which explains why she sounds like a little kid. She's singing an original called "Fireflies" which she wrote about her break-up with a friend that she'd had since first grade (their older sisters were best friends). She misses having him as a friend. ...Oh, correction, it's "fireflies". Billie Eilish started a trend, and if she stylized it that way as a tribute to Billie I'm okay with it but given that she's only 15 it's probably because of Olivia Rodrigo. Katy's reminiscing about getting dumped by her first boyfriend at age 16. Katy gives her a no "based on timing", because she's in the growing phase, and suggests she come back in three years, at age 18. Lionel agrees, and Luke gives her a yes because "she don't deserve three noes", which Katy agrees with.


Katy being weird. And somehow it actually results in Katy and Luke having a moo-off. Which, thanks to Katy winning, results in Anna Grace actually making it through (she deserved it). Our next contestant is Dave Fio and he records himself preparing to come to Idol. He's singing "Save Me" by Jelly Roll, and wow. Katy says yes, Lionel says no, but Luke puts him through.


Julia Davo, 20, wants to be the next female rock star, this generation's Blondie. And she's friends and roommates with Season 16/17's Alyssa Raghu, who recommended that she try out. Lionel is reminded of Gaga, and weirdly, I kind of see what he's getting at. Lionel's a yes, but Katy's a no. Lionel's pushing Luke to say yes, but...it's a no. They bring Alyssa in, and she said she's singing "just for giggles" but I am remembering that anything short of a winner could come back...oh my God, Alyssa's coming back! Katy says that she could make it, but she couldn't win, and if she comes back, she should be able to win. Lionel says yes. And Luke says he likes having her around. She's in! ...CSAB is going to have a field day with this.


Amari, 28, from Richmond, IN, sings a soulful reimagining of Britney Spears's "Toxic". I like it. Even the scatting. ...Oh, she's trans. She sings another song, Sara Bareilles's "She Used to Be Mine". Not as good as "Toxic"--she's practically speaking the lyrics.


Judges being judges. Luke and Lionel get creamed at pickleball by Katy and her mom. Conall Gorman sings an original song. I think he deserves to go through, but I'm still busy dealing with "boomers being unintentionally offensive due to genuine lack of understanding" over the previous contestant and I'm too drunk to deal with that. Conall goes through.


Michael Rice, 26, from Hartlepool, England is our last contestant of the night. His mother was only 17 when he was born, and his dad was a drug addict. They rekindled their relationship when Michael was 17, but then he suddenly passed away from a heart attack related to his drug use. Michael sings Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You", and it's not bad. I think he deserves to go through, but contestants really need to stop singing Kelly Clarkson songs. He goes through, very nearly getting the "You're going to Hollywood!" before Luke even said a word.

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