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June 9th ~ Carolina Country Music Fest ~ Myrtle Beach ~ SC


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Facebook accolades on Carolina Country Music fest page 


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Deborah Lee

Scotty was amazing. I remember him from American Idol. I love his story. He is a really great entertainer. I would see him again he made opening night. Wonderful.





Kathy Pope

I think this is the best concert I have ever seen. I have followed Scotty since he was on American Idol he’s from my hometown state and he has become a very very good entertainer having him back next year on the big stage will be a big plus for CCMF





Melissa Turouski Young
An amazing performance!!
Z-dbClQDXLv.pngTop fan
Lisa Walker Bump
Awesome‼️ he was great 💕💕💕
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Patricia Wallace Batchler
Best performance so far!!!!
Elinor Ann
Great performance
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Tonya Williams
Scotty McCreary was amazing! Loved his performance last night!
Karla Umberger
Outstanding performance!! Thank you Scotty you were awesome & really had the crowd energized!!
Cheryl Kent
He was fabulous!!
Penny Carver
Scotty was a breath full of fresh air last night!!
Jennifer Austin Dove
Scotty was absolutely amazing. Had a great time
Nikki Kimble
Loved every bit of his show
JoAnn Scanlon
Absolutely amazin. Great show
Terry Ahalt Alger
Felt badly for him coming out after Bret Michaels kicked a**… and then Scotty just brought it!!! Would see home again!
Lacey Pruett
One of my favs so far!
Donna Prince Long
He was so good. Loved it.
Kimberly Neal
I would love to see him again!!!
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