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The Buzz with CCX - Season 21 Episode 20


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Finale time! Pitbull and Lil' Jon are out there, didn't catch the name of their song because I seem to be missing my glasses. Pitbull then continues on to "Give Me Everything", backed by the Top 12. Oh, wait, my glasses were literally in their case. And now the judges' entrance. Keith Urban was the mentor for tonight. Megan's up first and singing "God Whispered Your Name". It's...a performance. 76. I had to quickly run to the bathroom, not expecting to still get more performance, so I missed what song Iam's singing but I still made it for the whole performance. It's a typical strong Iam performance, 93. I also learn during the judges' reviews that the theme for this round is Keith's songs.


I pull out an Angry Orchard Crisp Apple before the next segment starts. Colin's singing "Stupid Boy". It's solid. 84.


Megan's hometown visit is shown, and then her second song is Journey's "Faithfully", because of course it is. Another just okay performance. 78.


Next up is Iam's trip back to Kahuku, HI. He's performing "Cool Down" by...I missed the name. It is, of course, quintessentially Iam. 88.


Colin Stough is back in Amory, MS. Man, imagine if Zachariah and Colin had managed to both get through last week. He says that one of the songs he's most excited to perform is Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man", and he gets surprised by the band's Rickey Medlocke. Damn, I regret voting before performances. 97.


The first guest performance is TLC performing "No Scrubs", and tonight, the L stands for "Lucy Love". They then transition into "Creep", and then "Waterfalls". Next is Zachariah Smith and REO Speedwagon's Kevin Cronin performing "Take It On The Run". And now it's time for the elimination. The first person to make the Top 2 is Iam Tongi. The second is Megan Danielle! I'm shocked. I figured Colin was a lock for the Top 2 because country guy.


Jelly Roll is performing now, joined by Lanie Wilson. Then he goes into another song where he's joined by Oliver Steele. We get the Top 12 making fun of Megan (Colin got his turn earlier), and then Kylie Minogue performs her new song "Padam Padam" before being joined by Nutsa for "Can't Get You out of My Head". ...They have similar fashion senses.


Lionel Time. He's at the Piano singing the Commodores' "Sail On".


Keith time now, singing "Wild Hearts". Iam then comes out to perform "Monsters" with James Blunt, the song he dedicated to his father at his audition.


Elle Goulding with her song "Miracle" with Calvin Harris, then she's joined by Tyson Venegas for "Burn". Then it's Lauren Daigle's turn with "These Are the Days", and of course she's then joined by Megan Danielle for "Thank God I Do".


Luke's turn, singing "But I Got A Beer In My Hand". He's then joined by Colin Stough for Conway Twitty's "Slow Hand". Iam's turn to be roasted. Wé Ani is next up, joined by Jazmin Sullivan for her song "Bust Ya Windows".


Lanie Wilson's back, joined by Marybeth Byrd. And Warren Peay. And then it's Haven Madison with her original "Still Need You", along with Katy Perry and her new song "By The Grace of God".


Season 2 Top 2 Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken are here to sing "The Impossible Dream". And now, despite 20 minutes remaining in the show, it's time to crown a champion. Both of the top 2 will be receiving a trip for four on the Disney Cruise Lines. Oh, wait, it's not time yet; we still have another commercial break and then the third performances!


The Top 3 got to record their winner singles, and the top 2 will get to sing theirs on stage. Megan's up first and hers is called "Dream Girl". Okay, I know they have frequent costume changes on this show but why did we need one just for the previous segment of them getting their prize? 98. Iam's up next and his is called "I'll Be Seeing You". 86.


Unsurprisingly, Iam Tongi is the winner. He may have felt like the producers' choice at times, but it's clear that he struck a chord with America, too. He sings us out with "Don't Let Go" by Soundbreezie, accompanied by the rest of the Top 12.

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