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The Buzz with CCX - Season 21 Episode 17

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I had margaritas at dinner so no further drinking during the show. As noted last week, Luke's the only regular judge in the studio, joined by Alanis Morissette and Ed Sheeran, and the Top 8 will each be singing one of Alanis's songs...wait, top 8? Weren't we still at ten? ...Oh, no we weren't. The wild cards getting booted right back out was the first of last week's two shows. Warren's up first and he'll be singing "All I Really Want". As expected, it's a bit of a mismatch. 58. Zachariah Smith is up second and he's singing "Ironic", and in his meeting with her, it actually started raining when he hit the chorus. And he performs it well. 69.


Oh, we get duets too. Oliver Steele and Iam Tongi are doing Ed Sheeran's "Photograph". 86. Beautiful harmonization. They're apparently very close friends now. And now it's Haven's turn for her solo, singing "You Learn". Of course, it's a natural fit, earning a 91.


Warren and We are the second duet, covering Ed Sheeran's "Perfect". It's pretty damn close to that. 96. This is followed by Colin Stough's country rendition of "Hand In My Pocket", and...that's actually an Alanis song that works as a country song. Go figure. 84. Alanis herself will be singing after the break.


Alanis is singing "Thank U". And we don't get any contestant performances before another break.


Haven and Zachariah have the third duet, covering "Thinking Out Loud". It's another fine performance for Haven, while Zachariah cements himself as the contestant most in need of being sent home. 74. Megan Danielle's up fifth for solos, doing "Head Over Feet". It's...not there. 44.


Ed's turn to sing, with an acoustic version of "Eyes Closed". Another commercial.


Iam is up sixth, singing "Guardian". I'm not familiar with that one. It's good. 78. We Ani is up seventh, singing "Uninvited". Alanis wants We to be a little less perfect on this song, but that's not within her capabilities; 104.


Colin Stough and Megan Danielle are our last duet, doing "Dive". 100. I think I have to vote for Colin. Had to go back to look for his number since even after liking his solo, I couldn't see myself voting for him because he's the epitome of the white country male that keeps winning this thing especially in the ABC era. Is it unfair to Colin that Laine, Chayce, and Noah are getting in the way of me voting for him? Of course it's unfair.


Katy had never heard of "Guardian" either. Oliver Steele is closing out the show...I forgot he was the one saved! And he's singing "You Oughta Know". This could be big. And it is. 102.


The first member of the Top 5 is Zachariah Smith. Already this is a travesty, and the bar was pretty low. Megan Danielle is the second, and up third is Iam Tongi. We're not doing well. But it takes a turn for the better with the addition of We Ani. And finally, we have Colin Stough. While he did deserve it for tonight, it's still disappointing.

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