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The Buzz with CCX - Season 21 Episode 16

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Okay, for real this time, no alcohol tonight. Managed to get the nosebleeds under control for long enough to take an at-home COVID test and it did come out negative, though only a couple hours later I was wondering if it was a false negative because I was feeling like I did when I had COVID...except perhaps not quite as severely. Then Mom reminded me that I didn't actually get a flu shot this year, and, yeah, "like COVID but not as bad" could very well be influenza. Zachariah Smith leads off the performances for the night, and his song choices were Crocodile Rock, Wanted Dead or Alive, and Ain't Too Proud to Beg. The Bon Jovi song easily gets the nod. You know, I never did finish my drink last night...nah. I think alcohol would just take me even further out of the vibe. 46. Zachariah guesses that it was Luke's pick, but nope, it was Lionel's. Katy says "I haven't heard this crowd scream that loud for anyone else except Iam". Yes, we get it, Iam is the producers' choice this year. Haven's up next, after the break.


I didn't look back to see her other choices but Haven's singing "The Only Exception" by Paramore. Just like last night, it's right up her alley. 85. At what point do I have to start voting on body of work instead of night to night? Haven correctly guesses that Katy chose that song. We's up third, but not before Chayce...who, in turn, is not before a commercial break.


We's song choices are "Don't Watch Me Cry" by Jorja...something, "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston, and "I Try" by Macy Gray. She goes with the Whitney song; can't help but wonder what the good folks at WNTS would have to say about that. But of course, it's a powerful song, perfect for her to show off on. 90. And it's a three-way tie on the judges' challenge as Luke picked that one.


Oliver gets "Heartbreak Warfare" and "Bigger Than My Body", both by John Mayer, and "High and Dry" by Radiohead. He's done his research and remembers Noah getting those same two John Mayer songs last year, so he's fairly certain that his pick of "High and Dry" will give Katy the lead. ...Whoa. 97. The judges are impressed by him correctly picking who picked which song, obviously forgetting that both Lionel and Luke picked those songs for a contestant last year. I accidentally send a 4 instead of a 5, but that's a dead number anyway so I'm unpunished.


Warren Peay is up fifth tonight, and both Lionel and Katy will be performing at the king's coronation, so next week Luke will be joined at the judges' table by Alanis Morrissette (who will also be the mentor, and the theme) and Ed Sheeran. Warren's choices are Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band, and Blue Side of the Mountain by the Steeldrivers. He picks "Colder Weather". It's good as expected; 91. Warren thinks it was Luke's pick, but Luke says that he will not be tying up Katy right now, then realizes what Ryan just led him into saying. It's actually Lionel's pick. Iam's up sixth, and his choices are What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, Consider Me by Allen Stone, and More Than Words by Extreme. He's initially leaning towards More Than Words and afraid to do What A Wonderful World because of how legendary Israel's version was, being from Hawaii, but he ultimately does go with What A Wonderful World. And it's another strong performance; 88. Iam initially guesses that Lionel picked the song, but nope, it was Luke's (as I expected), which means we're again in a three-way tie.


Marybeth Byrd's choices are "Wasted On You" by Morgan Wallen, "Here I Go Again" by Dolly Parton, and "Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue" by Crystal Gayle. She says she doesn't know any of them, but ends up choosing the Morgan Wallen song, so combined with her being the last one declared safe last night (they say it's not in any particular order but they want it to be suspenseful so the last one to be called safe is probably not a sure thing), she should be packing her bags; the South won't forgive her for not knowing Dolly and the North won't forgive her for covering a MAGA icon like Wallen. It's not bad at all, a 78, but yeah, she's gone. Marybeth guesses that Luke chose it, but nope, it was Lionel. Katy's comments also seem to suggest that Marybeth's not long for the competition.


Tyson Venegas's choices are "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars, "Someone Like You" by Adele, and "Someone You Loved" by Lewis Capaldi; he picks the last one, and I'm again unpunished for accidentally sending a 1 through instead of a 2 because Tyson's getting my vote; 96. He's not sure who picked that song, but guesses Katy and is correct.


Megan Danielle is up ninth. Without knowing it, one of the judges chose a song that Megan sang at her grandfather's funeral, "Go Rest High on that Mountain" by Vince Gill. She's worried about getting choked up on stage singing it, but doesn't shy away. She doesn't waver, either, giving her a 100. Then when it's over, the tears come. She eventually picks Lionel, as he reminds her of her Papaw, but nope, it's Luke, once again tying the competition at 3 apiece and bringing it all down to whose song Colin picks.


His choices are "Til You Can't", "Starting Over", and "It's Been Awhile". He picks the last of them. Huh. Remembering how quickly the voting closed last night, I locked it in before the final commercial break, but Colin's surprised me tonight. ...Well, the song choice surprised me, anyway; this actually isn't a great performance. 54. He correctly identifies Katy as the winner of tonight's competition.


Megan Danielle is the first one into the top seven. Up second is Haven Madison. Third is Warren Peay. Fourth is We Ani--we're doing good so far! Fifth is Colin Stough. Oof, we were doing so well. Iam makes it through, though, so we're pretty good. But, no, Zachariah was the last one through. But of course, Katy still has to save one of them. She'll obviously pick Tyson though, right? She wants to confer with the other judges though. She picked Oliver! Meaning that the one who lost America's vote-off for the fourth Platinum Ticket has now outlasted all four of the Platinum Ticket winners.

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