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The Buzz with CCX - Season 21 Episode 15

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No alcohol tonight; I'm woozy enough as it is. I just can't seem to stay healthy in 2023. I flip over to the channel with not even two minutes left and get confused by the Time 100 being there instead of AFHV, but sure enough Idol is still on. The numbers have been reset, and I naturally notice that the number 12, and therefore presumably tonight's pimp spot, went to Iam Tongi. Tonight's guest mentor is Adam Lambert, though, so we should be in for a good show. Tyson Venegas leads us off. Adam recommends he cover Stevie Wonder, and Tyson is a fan but doesn't know what song to sing. He settles on "For Once In My Life", and I'm actually feeling less woozy so maybe at the first commercial I'll go grab a drink after all. The performance feels...very 1970s. Which is to say, it's not bad, but it just doesn't land in 2023. 67. Warren Peay is up next, doing The Animals' "House of the Rising Sun", and we're reminded that the show's theme means we're probably not going to get much modern music. Luckily, HotRS is timeless. 94. Ryan mentions that a friend of Warren's back home on the phone has created a goat's milk soap to honor Warren called "Peay You". When we return, Haven will be covering Bon Jovi.


Sam Adams' Cold Snap again. ...the problem is that today's main symptom is sore throat, so my choice of drink isn't as important as the fact that swallowing down liquid at all is painful. Haven's doing "Livin' On A Prayer". Adam's suggestion is to let go a little for the big notes. As usual, Adam's advice is spot on as Haven delivers her best performance in weeks. 75. ...Oh, right, we're getting results at the end of the show. ...No, wait, there was voting opening at the end of the show last time...wasn't there? No, there wasn't.


Lucy Love is up fourth singing Lionel's "All Night Long". It's pretty good though she messed up some lyrics. 72. Oliver Steele is up fifth singing Ray Charles' "Georgia On My Mind". He sings beautifully and his stage presence is through the roof. 84.


Tomorrow is the Judges' Song Challenge, along with Chayce Beckham returning to perform. Up sixth is Colin Stough singing The Allman Brothers' "Midnight Rider". I guess I'll give it a 65. Marybeth Byrd is up seventh singing ABBA's "Dancing Queen". Well, she certainly looks like she stepped right out of the 1980s. That said, I found this performance insufferable. 32.


Adam Lambert performance now, singing his new song "I Can't Stand the Rain". Then it's We's turn, singing Etta James' "Something's Got A Hold On Me", Adam's advice is on what to wear, and she takes his advice; she looks and sounds amazing. 100. If the next person is coming up before the commercial break, I'll miss it because a brownout forced my Xfinity to reboot.


It seems there was a commercial break because I thought Nutsa was up ninth. She's singing Queen's "The Show Must Go On". She's departing from her usual style, wearing a loose, flowy red dress, As usual, she's amazing. 99.


Megan Danielle is up tenth. I didn't catch what she was singing but it's a 98. Zachariah Smith is singing ELO's "Don't Bring Me Down". It's pretty good. 85.


Iam closes it out with Sam Cooke's "Bring It On Home To Me". 90.


Warren is the first person through to the Top 10, followed by We. Iam's up third--three for three on people I voted for! Fourth is Megan Danielle--could we get all seven that I voted for in the first seven? Well, we're at five with Zachariah! Haven's up sixth, and Colin seventh, ending the streak, but Oliver's the eighth one through. Tyson is ninth...should we be surprised that the two wild cards are still waiting? And sure enough, Marybeth is the last one through. Why did we even have the wild cards?

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