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The Buzz with CCX - Season 21 Episode 8


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Cold Snap again. The Platinum Ticket winners get first pick of partners. Elijah McCormick picks Lucy Love. Oh, right, Elijah was the one who had the bad car accident and was basically dead. They're also starting off the duets themselves, and they're the "Dunamis Duo", and they're singing the Temptations' "My Girl". They make a good team! Our next duo is Nutsa and Carina Deangelo, but Nutsa was ready for bed and Carina is still out there wanting to practice.


Nutsa and Carina still aren't quite meshing. Nutsa wants to be all dressed up while Carina wants to be comfortable. Katy's trying to drum up the drama, pushing for it all to come out...I'm liking her less as a judge this year. They're doing "I Put A Spell On You" and it's a very strange rendition. I'm not sure if it worked. Carina is going home, and...Nutsa is still alive, though she seems to be on thin ice. Montage of how partners got together. Matt Wilson and Elise...damn, the names weren't on screen long enough. They're singing "You Are the Reason" and they're both amazing. They both move forward.


Warren Peay and Hannah Nicolaisen are singing...I'm not sure what, but Ryan's narration says it's an intimate song despite them having just met. They're making it work, which is good because they're both contestants I liked previously. Zachariah Smith and Isaac are "The Body Roll Boys", because they've got the choreography. They're singing "I'm Still Standing". They both go through despite lyrical mess-ups. Tyson Venegas and Kaylin Hedges are teaming up on Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now", slowing it down. It's amazing. They both go through.


"The Camo Cousins" are Preston Duffee and Jon Wayne Hatfield. They're doing "Buy Dirt" by Jordan Davis and Luke Bryan, and they recognize the risk of doing a judge's song. Jon Wayne goes home but Preston goes through. Up next are Iam and...I wasn't paying attention. Iam's guitar broke just before the performance, and he doesn't want to change it out because it's a memento from his late father. He's using a substitute but it's shook his confidence. And we're going to commercial before the performance.


Once he starts singing, Iam's fine. Luke catches him reading a lyric sheet off his guitar though. Both go through.


Adin Boyer has autism, and the resulting social anxiety makes it hard for him to find a duet partner. Oh, they have an odd number. Summer Joy and Jayna Elise adopt him into their group. They're also doing Elton John's "I'm Still Standing". They make it their own. They all go through.


Montage of people struggling with naming their dups. PJae and Wé Ani and are The Cryptics singing "Hit 'Em Up Style" and they've brought it even further uptempo than it already was. I love it. So do the judges. Both go through. Cam Amen is our last Platinum Ticket winner, and he chose J Valerione, because he feels like he can relate with their struggles--Cam went through foster care, and J, well..."they". It's always tough for LGBTQIA+ people because society largely still doesn't accept them. But it seems J is withdrawing from the competition, so Cam may have to go on as a solo.


J is back, and they convince Cam to accept them back as a duet partner. They're doing "Listen to the Music", but the lack of practice together is showing. ...The height difference is astonishing. Yes, J is wearing high-heeled, platform boots, but I'm sure even in flats they'd be a good deal taller than Cam. They both go through.


Kaya Stewart and Fire are singing "What Do You Want From Me" by Adam Lambert, but Kaya is this year's annual "person who gets sick during duets/groups day". She's getting a fever and it's making her forget the words. But it seems she's going to tough it out...no, wait. She's announcing her withdrawal from the competition. She's just too ill. And Katy asks for a volunteer from the audience. Jayna Elise--ironically, one of the members of the lone trio--is the first to volunteer. I admire her as a person, she's clearly very caring. The performance is scuffed but that's to be expected. Fire is through.

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