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Let’s Dance (Germany) Season 16 Discussion

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Season 16 of Germany’s version of DWTS, Let’s Dance, officially begins today!  



Andrzej Cibis

Zsolt Sándor Cseke

Malika Dzumaev

Isabel Edvardsson

Vadim Garbuzov

Alexandru Ionel

Patricija Ionel

Ekaterina Leonova

Christina Luft

Valentin Lusin

Mariia Maksina

Kathrin Menzinger

Christian Polanc

Massimo Sinató


Pros returning from last season are Andrzej, Zsolt, Malika, Isabel, Vadim, Patricija, Ekaterina, Christina, Valentin, Kathrin, Christian and Massimo.  Pros not returning are Evgeny Vinokurov and Renata Lusin; Renata was originally announced as a pro instead of Malika but she just found out this week that she’s pregnant!  Her doctor has advised her to take this season off so she’s out and Malika is taking her place.  Alexandru returns for his second season after taking last season off, he and wife Patricija had a baby last year.  Mariia is a new pro as well as Ekaterina’s cousin; she was in a couple of Ekaterina’s winning Freestyles, most notably as Donkey in Ingolf Lück’s Shrek-themed Freestyle and as Gloria in Pascal Hens’ Madagascar-themed Freestyle.  



Abdelkarim: Comedian

Sharon Battiste: Actress

Julia Beautx: Influencer/YouTuber

Philipp Boy: Gymnast

Anna Ermakova: Model and daughter of Boris Becker

Ali Güngörmüş: Chef

Chryssanthi Kavazi: Actress

Jens “Knossi” Knossalla: Presenter

Michael Kraus: Handball player

Timon Krause: Mentalist

Sally Özcan: YouTuber

Alex Mariah Peter: Germany’s Next Top Model winner

Natalia Yegorova: Singer-songwriter

Younes Zarou: Influencer/YouTuber


As winner of the previous Pro Challenge, Christian will get to choose his partner for this year; usually there’s a draw to determine which of the two Pro Challenge partners will get to choose but Christian’s partner was Renata and since she’s obviously out then Christian gets to choose by default.  He previously won the 2020 Pro Challenge with Christina and won the draw in 2021, choosing Lola Weippert and placing 6th; Ekaterina and Massimo won the first Pro Challenge in 2019 but since Ekaterina wasn’t a pro in 2020, Massimo got to choose and he chose Lili Paul-Roncalli, with whom he went on to win.  Real-life couple Renata and Valentin won the 2021 Pro Challenge and Valentin gave Renata the privilege of choosing her partner rather than doing a draw; as the reigning champion, instead of going for an obvious contender like eventual champion and much-coveted pre-season René Casselly, Renata went for a challenge and chose Mathias Mester, Paralympic athlete and the first little person contestant.  They did very well and placed 3rd, behind top two contenders Janin Ullmann & Zsolt and René Casselly & Kathrin.  


For today’s Launch Show, the contestants and pros will dance in groups and get scored, then the official pairings will be revealed live.  So some of the contestants and pros dancing together today might not be paired together for the season.  



Team Cha-Cha-Cha

Contestants: Julia Beautx, Younes Zarou and Sharon Battiste.  

Pros: Zsolt Sándor Cseke, Christina Luft and Christian Polanc.  


Team Charleston

Contestants: Sally Özcan, Abdelkarim and Chryssanthi Kavazi. 

Pros: Massimo Sinató, Ekaterina Leonova and Vadim Garbuzov.  


Team Tango

Contestants: Ali Güngörmüş, Philipp Boy and Jens “Knossi” Knossalla.  

Pros: Isabel Edvardsson, Patricija Ionel and Mariia Maksina.  


Team Slow Waltz

Contestants: Alex Mariah Peter, Natalia Yegorova and Anna Ermakova.  

Pros: Valentin Lusin, Andrzej Cibis and Alexandru Ionel.  


Team Quickstep (or Team Renata as Kathrin has deemed it 😍 Renata was supposed to dance in this team and she choreographed their routine)

Contestants: Timon Krause and Michael Kraus.  

Pros: Malika Dzumaev and Kathrin Menzinger.  


Launch Show is today at 8:05 Germany’s time.  

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Scores + Partnerships!

Team Cha-Cha-Cha

 Julia Beautx -10 (4,4,2)

Younes Zarou -10 (4,4,2)

Sharon Battiste -19 (6,7,6)



Team Charleston

 Sally Özcan -17 (6,5,6)

Abdelkarim  -11 (5,4,2)

Chryssanthi Kavazi  -19 (6,7,6)



Team Tango

Ali Güngörmüş -14 (5,5,4)

Philipp Boy -18 (6,6,6)

Jens “Knossi” Knossalla.  -12 (5,5,2)



Team Slow Waltz

 Alex Mariah Peter -15 (6,6,3)

Natalia Yegorova  -19 (7,7,5)

Anna Ermakova  -23 (8,8,7)



Team Quickstep 

 Timon Krause  -13 (5,5,3)

Michael Kraus -14 (5,5,4)


Winner of Immunity:Anna Ermakova



Anna Ermakowa & Valentin Lusin 
Sharon Battiste & Christian Polanc 
Chryssanthi Kavazi & Vadim Garbuzov 
Natalia Yegorova & Andrzej Cibis 
Philipp Boy & Patricija Ionel 
Sally Özcan & Massimo Sinató 
Alex Mariah Peter & Alexandru Ionel 
Mimi Kraus & Mariia Maksina 
Ali Güngörmüş & Christina Luft 
Timon Krause & Ekaterina Leonova 
Knossi & Isabel Edvardsson 
Abdelkarim & Kathrin Menzinger 
Julia Beautx & Zsolt Sándor Cseke 
Younes Zarou & Malika Dzumaev




Very excited to see Sharon & Christian.She did very well in the launch so looking forward to seeing what else she can do.

I think Anna could be a frontrunner if her latin is good. I think she'll be pretty solid to good in ballroom and plus she got the immunity and usually everyone who has gotten it has made it to at least 4th place.


Of course Alex and Alex would be paired together.Very intrigued to see how Alexandru does with her given Vanessa was too much of a disaster to accurately rate his teaching skills,


Phillip is one I think where he could be really good but Patricija isn't the best teacher or choreographer so this could be very up in the air.


Sally and Chryssanthi should be decent. Natalia could get Andrzej the furthest he's ever been.


Timon and Ekaterina could be a dark horse. She got Bastian to improve a lot last year and she's won with archetypes you think wouldn't have won  i.e 6,8 Pascal Hens or Middle aged Ingolf Luck.


Hopefully Julia and Younes can improve because it would be a shame to lose Mailika and Zsolt so early.

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