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The Buzz with CCX - Season 20 Episode 20


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Malibu and cola. We open with the whole cast doing "Good Feeling" by Flo Rida, alongside Flo himself. Carrie Underwood won't be able to make her scheduled performance due to a Covid exposure in her group, but there's still no shortage of talent, including some old-school talent in Earth, Wind, and Fire. Speaking of old-school, the theme for round one is the music of Bruce Springsteen! Leah's leading off with "Cover Me", and she's got her guitar out on stage with her. On the subject of "Cover Me", Katy Perry looks like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. I'm not sure that those big rock songs are right for Leah, though; she kind of got overwhelmed by the music. I'll give it a 72; Next up is Huntergirl with "Dancing in the Dark". It's almost effortless; I give it a 92, and it's only that low because, like I said, she made it look too easy.


Noah closes out the theme with "I'm On Fire". As predicted, the theme is custom made for him, and he takes full advantage with a 97-rated performance.


The hometown visits are up next, so we should get some great performances, judging by the fact that Leah leads off the round with an original, "Flowers". 100, of course.


Noah's hometown visit is up next. Oh, I guess they're all doing their "debut singles". Noah's is called "One Day Tonight". It's nothing special, honestly; I'll give it a 76.


Huntergirl's next, and her song is called "Red Bird". Perhaps I needed to pay more attention? I just kind of carelessly tossed out the 100 for Leah, but this is...Huntergirl deserves to win. I'm just going to say it straight out. I don't think I'll withdraw the votes for Leah...actually I might. Anyway, this gets a 105.


The results of the first two rounds are coming soon, but first, we've got the first of our "eliminated Top 10 members perform with an established artist"--Jay joining EWF on "Shining Star", and then "Let's Groove", and of course, "September". It wouldn't be an Earth, Wind, and Fire medley without September. And now we get a montage of a bunch of contestants, from the Top Ten on down to Hollywood eliminees and perhaps even the ones who didn't get the Golden Ticket. Oh, and now it's time for another Top Ten collaboration, Mike Parker with Deana Carter on "Strawberry Wine". It goes fine, and then Ryan announces he has the card for the elimination and the crowd immediately starts booing because they don't want anyone to go. Noah's the first to move on to the Top 2, and Huntergirl is the other.


Ben Platt and Lady K are dueting on Elton John's "Take Me to the Pilot". After that, Gabby Barrett has a new single, "Pick Me Up". But she's not done on the stage, being joined by Emyrson Flora for "The Good Ones". Wouldn't have guessed she'd be the one to duet with Gabby, but then again I'd nearly forgotten about her already.


Multiple contestants out on stage alongside someone I'm not familiar with. Even after hearing the name spoken multiple times, without seeing it written, I have no idea. Ty something? They mention the duet challenge. But up next, it's Nicolina with Sara Bareilles's Tony-nominated "She Used To Be Mine"--I'm guessing the other person out on the stage is Sara Bareilles? Yep, it is. She and Ben Platt will be back together, but when we return, Katy's taking the stage alongside country star Thomas Rhett.


Thomas Rhett's new album is called "Where We Started", and Katy Perry's featured on the title track. But now we get to the part where the rest of the contestants roast the Top 3 and we get the absolutely priceless image of Fritz and Jay failing miserably at walking in high-heeled boots. Now it's Fritz joining James Arthur on his song "Can I Be Him". Personally, I prefer Fritz's voice to James's, and remember, I was rejoicing when I realized that Fritz had been eliminated last week. Mom is wondering if this song's close enough to Blink-182's "I Miss You" to be potential plagiarism. You know, I hadn't even noticed, but the choruses do sound a bit similar (musically, not lyrically). I shouldn't have doubted her; her father trusted her ear enough to run his compositions by her to make sure he hadn't accidentally plagiarized anyone (more often than not, he only "plagiarized" his own previous works.) After the break, it's Christian's duet with Michael Bublé.


They sing Charlie Chaplin's "Smile". It's quite a moment. Then we get the judges being quizzed on the Top 3. And we get another duet, Noah Thompson with Melissa Etheridge on "I'm the Only One".


Lionel now performs with the Top 10, followed by that promised collab between Sara Bareilles and Ben Platt. Now we bring back the Top 2, and for what might be the first time all competition, Huntergirl's not wearing cowboy boots. The top two both win Disney Cruises along with three guests, and after the break, we get two more contestant/judge collabs, Huntergirl with Luke Bryan and Leah with Katy Perry.


I try to get a bathroom trip in on the commercial, but it takes longer than expected so I have to listen to both of those performances from the bathroom, and come back just in time for Noah's reprise, "Stay" by Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko. Katy says "How dare you wear that suit and sing that song," and Noah says he's never worn a suit in his life, before remembering that he did wear one to prom. I nearly forgot I'm supposed to be rating performances again after almost two hours of unrated performances. This is possibly his best performance yet, I'll give it a 102 based on my rating curve for tonight


Unsurprisingly, Huntergirl's reprising her audition song, Rascal Flatts's "Riot". She did win a Platinum Ticket, after all. And of course, it's the best of the night, which I guess is a 107? I dunno; I've been distracted all show long.


We're back to crown the winner. It's Noah. Again, never surprising when a guy wins.

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