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The Buzz with CCX - Season 20 Episode 19


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This space reserved for a review, to come on... Wednesday, probably. I'm on vacation right now. 


Sam Adams Boston Lager tonight. Unfortunately, the tab reloaded after coming back from a pause because I tabbed over to something else to keep the computer from going to sleep, so I'll just quickly post the ratings for Round 1:


Huntergirl: 90

Leah: 78

Fritz: 67

Noah: 54

Nicolina: 92


It's a shame; I did have some nice stuff written during the first three. The pause was in Noah's intro, and to be honest, we had to rewatch that because we got in an argument after I came back.


Before we get to Round 2, FINNEAS is singing his new single, "Naked". I'm going to save the topic again. The theme for the second round is "Closing Numbers", which is a theme with a lot of room for interpretation. Leah's doing "Separate Ways" by Journey, and holy crap. Normally I need something to hit 100 and then get topped to break the scale, but this gets a 105 right off the bat because I need some wiggle room for her to "win the night" when she was only in third place after Round 1 and there's no reason to think the two ahead of her will screw up.


Huntergirl's up second this round, and we get a behind-the-scenes look at the Top 5 working to produce their first singles. I remember they did that in the past, too, creating singles for the whole Top 5, or whatever the penultimate round was. Correction--Top 7. Huntergirl's doing Little Big Town's "Girl Crush". That's probably going to keep Leah from being first on aggregate from the second song alone; I imagine this will be great. And it is; there's the 100 we needed to justify having a 105.


Fritz is up third, and he redeems himself nicely here, I haven't been spoiled on who actually advances, but I know Fritz is considered the favorite, and while I don't think he's better than any of the remaining girls, he'll be a perfectly acceptable winner. ...Actually, this isn't that great. 70.


Nicolina's going with Adele's "All I Ask", We already know Nicolina can do big notes; this is honestly a little unimpressive. 84. The crowd loves her, though, so perhaps she's in the finale? Luke seems to think so.


Noah's singing Larry Fleet's "Working Man". Ryan suggested that an alternate title for this theme was "Epic Encores", so the fact that Noah chose this type of song says a lot about the type of artist he wants to be. But...I don't dislike it! I'll give it an 88, which means...Fritz is my bottom contestant on the night! Luckily, Lionel gives the "If you want this man, vote." Leah kind of also got one of those, I think, and Fritz didn't. Could we see the surprise boot I've frequently been hoping for?


Ryan gives a long list of performers for the finale, including Carrie Underwood...and Gabby Barrett, again. The first person to be announced for the Top 3 is Huntergirl! Wow, way to remove all the suspense...wait, Noah made it?! OMG WE DID IT!!! ...Wait, what, Leah's there too?! ...I'm shook. I said that announcing Huntergirl first removed all suspense because I thought that Nicolina and Fritz were pretty much locks. I expected the last spot to come down to Noah and Huntergirl. When Noah was announced safe, I was optimistic that it was at Fritz's expense, but I was still a little concerned that it was at Nicolina's instead. Never would've guessed that both would be knocked out, which makes announcing Huntergirl first the right option, since she's honestly the least surprising inclusion of the three.

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