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The Buzz with CCX - Season 20 Episode 6


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So they dropped an extra episode on us; it's literally got a production number of 505A instead of 506. I didn't even bring my computer downstairs with me and was typing it up on my phone, and of course, I wasn't drinking. Yoli Mayor, 26, is a Cuban from Miami. She sings an original called "Beautiful Broken Things", and it's not great, and Katy actually says no but the other two put her through, but I was too tired to do this so I set the DVR to record the next show as well since the Oscars went over its time slot as expected, so that I could watch the rest the next day. I'm not drinking now, either, because I usually don't day drink (unless sporting events are involved) and I have somewhere to go tonight (I don't think I'll be doing tonight's show live, either.)


Catching the whole thing off the DVR, I actually caught the teaser at the end of the Oscars, and learned that past contestants will be coming back to mentor. Possibly a repeat of Season 15's alumni duets (that were replaced by celebrity duets in the ABC era?) Anyway, we're back with another weird montage. Austin, TX auditions. Danielle Clavell, 21, is an actress and salsa dancer from Queens, NY. She's singing "Warrior" by Demi Lovato. She follows up with "Trainwreck", and Katy tells her "Less acting". The second song was better than the first. She goes through, which is the right choice but I don't think she's a contender. Next up is Katyrah Love, 23, from Baltimore, MD, and I'll admit I was kind of relieved when she opened her mouth and I heard a woman's voice come out because it wasn't immediately evident and that outfit was a bit flamboyan for a man. She's good, and deservedly goes through.


We come back and Ryan tells the contestants in the lobby about the Platinum Ticket, and then we get a reminder of the recipients. Huntergirl in Nashville, Kenedi in LA--oh, we're getting new material on her audition, an original song. Sadly, it only serves to solidify my opinion that by giving her a Platinum Ticket, they're only advancing her *two* rounds further than she deserved. Finally, it's Jay from the Austin auditions. Next, we have new auditioners: Brooks Kidd, 19, from London, KY. He talks about being teased for being overweight as a kid, which surprises me because he looks downright scrawny, but he lost 60 lbs. in 2 months, but that only made things worse and he developed suicidal tendencies. He says music is the only thing he lives for. He sings "Mad World", and it's good; he deserves a golden ticket. The judges agree; they have nothing but positive things to say. We get the commercial for the Idols coming back again.


We come back right into a contestant named Sage (no last name), and she rightfully goes through; they're putting the critiques in between lines of the audition. LA auditions now, and we've got...a montage. Luke knows Kentucky's the Wildcats, and Georgia's the Bullogs, but he twice tries "Ragin' Cajuns", first for Louisiana Tech and then for Louisiana-Monroe, and comes up empty both times. Next is Maurice (again, no last name), 22, from Elgin, SC; he was a foster child, and he became a country fan in one of the foster homes. He's singing "Whiskey Glasses" by Morgan Wallen, and I think it's good, though not great--he deserves a golden ticket, but he's not really a contender just yet. Luke says he needs to dial it back 10%, and Katy realizes that as a busker, that extra 10% of his is because he has to get people's attention as an outdoor singer. They put him through.


We've got a child of religious parents, Israel MacFarland, 21, of Nashville, TN--he and his siblings all have biblical names. His parents don't like secular music, and his mother still gets mad when he cusses in his songs, but "cussing is one of the things I enjoy most in my life". He sings an original, and Luke says that he's a great songwriter, but his vocals aren't going to measure up on Idol. The other judges say similar things...but Lionel gives him a yes! Katy says no, and...Luke also says not yet. It's a no, but he's moved by Lionel saying such nice things. Montage of "not yets". Then someone whose name I didn't even catch on screen, but she sounds good...oh, we get a name from the judges. Ava Maybee, who they say is an Ava Yes. I agree. Lionel compares her alto to Cher.


Oh, our next contestant, Scarlet, got a golden ticket last year, but didn't report to Hollywood because she was letting her grades slip. She graduated high school with second honors and at 18, she's back to try again, singing an original. It's very good, and they say they made the right decision last year. They put her through again, and that's it for the episode.

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