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Let’s Dance Germany 2022 (Season 15) Dicussion


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Premiere date is February 18th.  

All fourteen contestants have been announced!


Riccardo Basile: TV and sports presenter

Bastian Bielendorfer: Author/comedian

Caroline Bosbach: Politician/author

René Casselly: Circus artist/Ninja Warrior Germany winner

Hardy Krüger Jr.: Actor

Sarah Mangione: Actor/presenter

Mathias Mester: Paralympian

Michelle: Singer

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht: Instagrammer/model

Amira Pocher: Presenter/podcaster

Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg: Princess/entrepreneur

Mike Singer: Singer-songwriter

Timur Ülker: Actor

Janin Ullmann: Actor/presenter


While I don’t know any of these names it looks like a good cast.  


Amira’s husband Oliver Pocher was on the show three years ago, his partner was Christina and they made it halfway.  I think that Mathias is the first little person to do the show.  


No news on pros yet, last two seasons they’ve been announced roughly two weeks before the launch show.  We know that Robert Beitsch has said that he isn’t returning and Patricija Belousova is 9 months pregnant and will probably not be ready to work by next month (she might be having her baby soon, she and fiancé Alexandru Ionel have been MIA on social media lately).  

Doing my IG detective work and based on the likes for the cast announcements, I’d say that Andrzej, Christian, Christina, Evgeny, Kathrin, Renata and Valentin seem likely to return.  Alexandru is liking a lot of posts but his participation doesn’t seem as certain because he’ll have a 1-month-old around when he’s preparing for the show.  The other pros from last season, Malika, Marta, Pasha and Vadim, haven’t been liking the recent posts about the upcoming season but Malika’s partner, Zsolt, has been liking some posts so maybe they’re involved in some way?  Marta’s absence would be surprising given her longitivtiy as a pro but also not that surprising given her partners over her run on the show.  Pasha has seemed done with the show based on his IG activity since near the end of last season.  I think Vadim was only brought back last year to partner Nicolas since he had experience dancing in an all-male partnership on the Austrian version.  Andrzej’s wife, Vica, has done the Pro-Challenge with him and she’s liking a lot of the posts so I wonder if she’s finally getting a pro spot or is just involved behind the scenes again?  Some of the other background dancers and DWTS Austria pros are liking the posts which is pretty expected but a pro from the Slovenian version, Martina Plohl, is liking a lot of posts (including the cast announcements), which is a bit unusual for a dancer from another version.  As winners of last year’s Pro-Challenge, one of Renata or Valentin will get to choose their partner.  Last year had a drawing of Christian and Christina’s names to determine who got to choose and Christian’s name was drawn; I think something similar will be done or if she can, Renata might give Valentin the chance to choose since she won last season, it’ll probably depend on how competitive they are feeling this year 😁


Edited to add: Alexandru & Patricija got married recently!

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Patricija and Alexandru’s baby boy arrived!  

The Season 15 pros:

Andrzej Cibis

Zsolt Sandor Cseke

Malika Dzumaev

Isabel Edvardsson

Vadim Garbuzov

Patricija Ionel
Ekaterina Leonova

Christina Luft

Renata Lusin

Valentin Lusin

Kathrin Menzinger

Christian Polanc

Massimo Sinató

Evgeny Vinokurov


Andrzej, Malika, Vadim, Patricija, Christina, Renata, Valentin, Kathrin, Christian and Evgeny are all returning from last season.  Isabel and Massimo were last seen in season 13 and Ekaterina in season 12.  Zsolt is new and Malika’s professional partner.  Pros from last season who are not returning are Marta Arndt, Robert Beitsch, Alexandru Ionel and Pasha Zvychaynyy.  

Overall, excited about this pro lineup!  Glad to see Vadim back after his fantastic work with Nicholas last season and major props to Patricija for coming back after just having a baby!  Alexandru is likely not on this year because one of them needed to stay home with their newborn so I don’t think he’s a one-and-done pro.  Super excited about Isabel, Massimo and especially Ekaterina coming back!  Isabel wasn’t on last year due to her pregnancy (season 10 she actually left midway through due to pregnancy and her partner danced with an eliminated pro, that same week Christina got injured and Marta replaced her so TWO celebs were dancing with brand new partners starting that week 😄 ), Massimo wasn’t on last year due to his wife’s pregnancy (his wife Rebecca was a past celebrity partner of his) and Ekaterina was shockingly left out of the season 13 and 14 lineups after three wins in a row (guessing they wanted someone else to have a chance).  Not surprised about the pros not returning; Robert announced he was leaving during the Pro-Challenge, Marta hasn’t been liking the posts about the new season, Alexandru has a newborn and Pasha has kind of distanced himself from the show.  

Really looking forward to the new season and seeing which of Renata and Valentin gets to choose their partner as a prize for winning the Pro-Challenge.  

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Launch show today!  Will be posting my thoughts on the dances when I get the chance to watch them but for now here's the scores and pairings.  Judge Joachim Llambi had to sit out today due to testing positive for Covid so reigning champion Rúrik Gíslason filled in for him, Rúrik also reprised his favorite dance with Renata, their Paso Doble (great choice, loved that dance).  Only have the totals that were posted on IG so far, no individual judges' scores found yet.  


Cha-Cha-Cha (w/ Malika and Patricija)

Timur Ülker: 18

René Casselly: 19


Viennese Waltz (w/ Andrzej and Valentin)

Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg: 14

Caroline Bosbach: 16


Tango (w/ Christian and Zsolt)

Amira Pocher: 21

Janin Ullmann: 22


Quickstep (w/ Christina and Vadim)

Michelle: 15

Mike Singer: 15


Cha-Cha-Cha (w/ Evgeny and Massimo)

Sarah Mangione: 15

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht: 13


Tango (w/ Isabel and Renata)

Hardy Krüger: 13

Riccardo Basile: 15


Salsa (w/ Ekaterina and Kathrin)

Mathias Mester: 16

Bastian Bielendorfer: 10


As the Pro Challenge winners, either Renata or Valentin would get to choose their partner, Valentin gave his wife the opportunity 😍.  In an interesting twist, rather than choosing a young and obvious contender like Massimo and Christian from the last two seasons, Renata chose to dance with Mathias!  I love that she's going for a challenge instead of a guaranteed finalist, it will be interesting to see how Mathias & Renata handle their height difference.  


Official Pairings

Amira & Massimo

Bastian & Ekaterina

Caroline & Valentin

Cheyenne & Evgeny

Hardy & Patricija

Janin & Zsolt

Lilly & Andrzej

Mathias & Renata

Michelle & Christian

Mike & Christina

René & Kathrin

Riccardo & Isabel

Sarah & Vadim

Timur & Malika


No surprise that Massimo gets the best young woman again, he's extremely lucky when it comes to pairings.  Ekaterina has a lot of work to do with Bastian, probably paired together so that Ekaterina has no chance of winning again.  First-time pro Zsolt seems to have a good chance this year with Janin, the highest-scorer of the launch.  René seems to be expected to do well so happy for Kathrin getting him (past pros Oana Nechiti and Katja Kalugina even congratulated her in their stories).  


The first elimination is next week.  Amira got the highest number of scores and viewer votes tonight so she and Massimo are immune from the first elimination (seems to have been a thing since season 10; Vanessa Mai, Judith Williams, Benjamin Piwko, Tijan Njie and Rúrik were all the last one to dance as well so Amira & Massimo are likely closing the show next week).  

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I'm new here so I would like to post my thoughts on last nights show.This is my 6th year keeping up with the german version.


Timur & Malika Quickstep:Happy to see Malika getva decent partner after her disaster of a season with Michie last year!Timur did pretty decent although there were some parts that felt heavy and his frame flagged in some parts but I'm pretty exicted to see what they do next! My Score 5/10


Lily & Andrzej Cha-Cha-Cha:Personally I think she had more to give and she definitely shouldn't have left especially not before Bastian.Sadly the Cha-Cha-Cha wasn't great.It felt very posey and walky in some parts but there were some promising parts in there.A shame she had to go but that's how the show works.My Score 4/10


René & Kathrin Waltz:Also happy to see Kathrin with another contender! René did pretty well in the Waltz section.I thought he had a nice frame and the footwork was pretty good for a non dancer.The one thing i didn't like was the forward roll but yeah he's gonna be one to watch for sure! My Score 7/10


Cheyenne & Evgeny Quickstep:I was genuinely surprised that Cheyenne managed to pull this off!It was light,quick and fairly elegant for most of the routine!There were some little awkward moments in there which make me worried for her Latin dances which could expose her.I also wish that she could've performed a little more.She also reminds of Kim from last season.Flop Party Latin in Launch show.Nice Ballroom that places them in Joint 2nd Place with the Frontrunner in this case Janin and another Flop Party Latin that sends them home My Score 6.5/10


Sarah & Vadim:Really liked the choreo from Vadim!I thought it was a nice balance between the standard and Argentine Tango elements!Sarah did pretty decent,the perfomance was really good but some of the technique did fall a little flat but she seems better than most of Vadim's partners so I hope she goes farther then them. My Score 5.5/10


Michelle & Christian Tango:Thought she played the character really well but there were still issues with her frame and sometimes it did look like Christian dragged her through it but overall not a bad dance. My Score 5/10


Bastian & Ekaterina Quickstep:The producers definitely don't want Ekaterina to get a 4th win oof.So I rewatched this the other day and at least he didn't look disenaged as Matthew Mcnabb.He actually seemed to enjoy the routine.HOWEVER is dancing is most certainly like Matthew's.Stiff,lack of rhythm,off beat.The only thing that redeemed this unholy mess of a quickstep was Ekaterina's choreography and the millionaire theme which i really liked. My Score 2/10


Caroline & Valentin Quickstep:Really liked Valentin's choreography,thought he showcased Caroline really well.I thought Caroline was slightly undermarked.She did pretty well in my opinion.She was light on her feet,had nice musicality and gave a fun perfomance even though her frame did slightly flag in some parts and she looked like she was being dragged by Valentin in some sections.My Score 6/10


Janin & Zsolt Cha-Cha-Cha:Pretty good choreography from Zsolt in his debut perfomance.Thought it was a very sassy and energetic perfomance from Janin.She could've used a bit more hip action but she has a lot of potential and I'm excited to see more of her! My Score 7/10


Mike & Christina Salsa: Well he isn't Mike Dancer that's for sure!He seemed to be focusing on which step to do next which did affect his performance and his hip action was nonexistent but Christina ate this dance right on up! My Score 4.5/10


Mathias & Renata Cha-Cha-Cha:Really fun choreo from Renata which showcased Mathias very well.I thought it was a very enjoyable performance from Mathias and just like Janin it could've done with some extra hip action but overall i was entertained.Intrigued to see how they tackle the ballroom dances. My Score 7/10


Riccardo & Isabel Viennese Waltz:First thing,Isabel looks stunning in that dress like it looks so good on her.Riccardo was pretty decent even though the frame does need some slight work and his extensions could've been better but not a bad dance for week 1.It wasn't the best dance but it wasn't a TWO Joachim. My Score 5.5/10


Amira & Massimo:I think this was slightly better than what the 14 suggested.I think it was a pretty hot salsa from Amira and I loved that she went out there and gave it her all.  In some parts she was really good however other parts you could see that the technique was a little bit messy but i loved that she danced to a classic salsa song.I definitely think Amira is more a ballroom girl than a latin girl so I'm hoping she fares better in that.My Score 5.5/10


My Rankings

1.Janin & Zsolt 

2.René & Kathrin 

3.Mathias & Renata 

4.Cheyenne & Evgeny 

5.Caroline & Valentin 

6.Amira & Massimo  

7.Riccardo & Isabel 

8.Sarah & Vadim 

9/10.Michelle & Christian/Timur & Malika

11.Lily & Andrzej

12.Mike & Christina

13.Bastian & Ekaterina


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Press release for episode 2 is out!Their bringing back the dance to the year you were born in week again.Hardy had to withdraw which means Lily gets to comeback!Andrzej and Malika unfortunately won't be there as they have covid.

In show 2 of "Let's Dance" the motto is: "Born in". The celebrities dance to songs from their birth years. Hardy Krüger Jr. is not included. The actor is still tested positive for corona and is therefore unfortunately canceled for the entire season. But Lilly zu Sayn Wittgenstein gets a new chance . The 49-year-old was actually already eliminated , but is now celebrating her dance comeback. Since her professional dance partner Andrzej Cibis is also absent due to corona, Lilly dances with Jimmie Surles in Show 2. Timur Ülker sweeps across the floor with Patricija Ionel, because Malika Dzumaev has also tested positive for Covid. 


We show which dances the celebrity couples will present on March 4th at "Let's Dance" on the dance floor.

This will be danced in the 2nd show of "Let's Dance" in 2022



Cheyenne Ochsenknecht and Evgeny Vinokurov dance rumba to Orange Blue's "She's Got That Light".

Timur Ülker and Patricija Ionel dance Rumba to "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx

Sarah Mangione and Vadim Garbuzov dance Viennese waltzes to "What's A Woman" by Vaya Con Dios

Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Jimmie Surles dance rumba to "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young

Riccardo Basile and Isabel Edvardsson jive to Chesney Hawkes' "One And Only".

Caroline Bosbach and Valentin Lusin dance salsa to "Deseándote" by Frankie Ruiz

Mike Singer and Christina Luft dance cha cha cha to "Summer Jam - Alle Farben Remix" by The Underdog Project and Alle Farben

René Casselly and Kathrin Menzinger dance Paso Doble to "Insomnia" by Faithless

Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató dance Slowfox to "Everytime We Touch" by Maggie Reilly

Michelle and Christian Polanc dance Cha Cha Cha to " Eine Neue Liebe " by Jürgen Marcus

Janin Ullman and Zsolt Sándor Cseke dance Jive to "Kids In America" by Kim Wilde

Mathias Mester and Renata Lusin dance Paso Doble to "The Final Countdown" by Europe

Bastian Bielendorfer and Ekaterina Leonova dance Rumba to "I Just Called To Say I Love You" by Stevie Wonder


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20 hours ago, Abe1818 said:

Press release for episode 2 is out!Their bringing back the dance to the year you were born in week again.Hardy had to withdraw which means Lily gets to comeback!Andrzej and Malika unfortunately won't be there as they have covid.

In show 2 of "Let's Dance" the motto is: "Born in". The celebrities dance to songs from their birth years. Hardy Krüger Jr. is not included. The actor is still tested positive for corona and is therefore unfortunately canceled for the entire season. But Lilly zu Sayn Wittgenstein gets a new chance . The 49-year-old was actually already eliminated , but is now celebrating her dance comeback. Since her professional dance partner Andrzej Cibis is also absent due to corona, Lilly dances with Jimmie Surles in Show 2. Timur Ülker sweeps across the floor with Patricija Ionel, because Malika Dzumaev has also tested positive for Covid. 


We show which dances the celebrity couples will present on March 4th at "Let's Dance" on the dance floor.

This will be danced in the 2nd show of "Let's Dance" in 2022



Cheyenne Ochsenknecht and Evgeny Vinokurov dance rumba to Orange Blue's "She's Got That Light".

Timur Ülker and Patricija Ionel dance Rumba to "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx

Sarah Mangione and Vadim Garbuzov dance Viennese waltzes to "What's A Woman" by Vaya Con Dios

Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Jimmie Surles dance rumba to "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young

Riccardo Basile and Isabel Edvardsson jive to Chesney Hawkes' "One And Only".

Caroline Bosbach and Valentin Lusin dance salsa to "Deseándote" by Frankie Ruiz

Mike Singer and Christina Luft dance cha cha cha to "Summer Jam - Alle Farben Remix" by The Underdog Project and Alle Farben

René Casselly and Kathrin Menzinger dance Paso Doble to "Insomnia" by Faithless

Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató dance Slowfox to "Everytime We Touch" by Maggie Reilly

Michelle and Christian Polanc dance Cha Cha Cha to " Eine Neue Liebe " by Jürgen Marcus

Janin Ullman and Zsolt Sándor Cseke dance Jive to "Kids In America" by Kim Wilde

Mathias Mester and Renata Lusin dance Paso Doble to "The Final Countdown" by Europe

Bastian Bielendorfer and Ekaterina Leonova dance Rumba to "I Just Called To Say I Love You" by Stevie Wonder


My Thoughts:

Cheyenne having rumba concerns me especially after the disaster that was her Cha-Cha-Cha in the launch and rumba is way more exposing than the CCC so.😬😬


Bastian Rumba...............😬😬😬


Mathias and René should do well with the Paso as i think it will suit the both of them.


I think Michelle will bring the fun and personality with her Cha-Cha but the technique may be a little flawed.


As for Mike he really needs to work on the hip action after last weeks salsa.


I have no idea how Riccardo,Timur,Lily,Caroline & Sarah will do with their dances.It could go either way.


Amira's Slowfox should be very elegant and pretty.


I don't really see Janin don't that well with the jive but she may surprise us.




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Finally getting my review of the Launch Show dances done!


Rene and Timur


Decent start for both, not brilliant but not a train wreck.  Rene definitely has some potential if his partner really drills the technique into his feet.  Timur was a bit awkward but there’s room for improvement.  


Caroline and Lily


Lily was probably the weaker one in this dance, I don’t think the height difference helped her awkwardness.  Caroline was okay but not wow.  


Amira and Janin


The choreography was great especially the part where the women danced together in the center.  I can see why Janin scored so well, she’s really focused on the little details like the closing of the feet and staccato feel of the Tango.  Amira wasn’t terrible but next to Janin she looked a bit lost and like she was going through the motions at times, like rushing and getting behind as well as NOT closing her feet like Janin.  Fun fact I just realized: Christian the longest-running pro and Zsolt the newest pro were in this dance.  



Michelle and Mike


Opposite-sex launch dances are tough since you can’t help but compare the celebs to the dancers; it was clear that Michelle is no Christina and Mike is no Vadim.  Michelle might do better once she’s just with her partner since she followed Vadim decently.  Mike had some clear technical issues like his posture, he needs to get his shoulders back and extend his neck because he looks like a turtle right now.  



Cheyenne and Sarah


This was a bit of a mess haha.  Both lacked some polish but Sarah mostly made up for it with her enthusiasm and confidence.  Cheyenne was a bit clumsy in transitions.  Sarah definitely has the potential to improve with her natural stage presence while Cheyenne unfortunately looks like the token clumsy tall model.  



Hardy and Riccardo


Oof, Hardy is a total dad-dancer, doing the absolute bare minimum by just doing the steps and keeping his arms at his side whenever he’s not in-hold haha.  Riccardo on the other hand… he’s probably the best male celeb so far.  Like Janin, he focused on details like the footwork and staccato but also the hand-shaping and leading of his partner.  He’s got some ironing out to do on his execution of some steps but very, very promising.  



Bastian and Mathias


Probably the most fun performance of the launch show, it actually felt like a group dance and not just two couples dancing side by side and switching partners in the middle.  Both guys gave 101% to the performance and characters but Mathias was definitely the better dancer overall, his timing and partnering of even the tallest female pro, Ekaterina, were very solid.  Bastian, well, he is not a dancer, that’s all I can say about him; his joy was infectious but the actual dancing was eek.  

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Thoughts on Week 2

Michelle & Christian Cha-Cha-Cha:I felt  perfomance wise it wasn't as good as I expected it to be.For she seemed to be focused on what to do next and lacking in energy and vivacity. Technically it wasn't great either.She missed some steps and got off balance a couples of times.So yeah not great. My Score:4/10


Caroline & Valentin Salsa:Definitely a step down from her quickstep last week.She missed some steps and did seem to be a little hesitant in some parts.Overall she seemed to have fun though so love that for her.I really liked the part where they were dancing with the fans and I liked  Valentin's choreo as well.I would definitely say that this was slightly better than Michelle.My Score:4.5/10


Sarah & Vadim Viennese Waltz:Out of everyone tonight,easily the biggest improvement.This was such a breakthrough moment for Sarah and probably one of the best dances out of the first 2 shows.As always the perfomance aspect was amazing.The technique was pretty good too!The turns,the lines,the frame and the footwork were all really strong.Jorge said it best,it was truly elegant and feminine.They really moved as one in this dance and as always wonderful choreography from Vadim.Imagine when he gets a ringer😁😁.If Sarah keeps this up she could be a contender.My Score:8/10


Mike & Christina Cha-Cha-Cha:Well he's definitely better than Jan that's for sure.Mike did pretty good in the commercial parts of the routine and really opened up performance wise.However the Cha-Cha-Cha parts could've been more cleaner and once again the hip action was lacking.However I do see some potential in him.Hopefully Christina can get it out of him. My Score:5/10


René & Kathrin Paso Doble:Easily the best dance of the night.René played the matador part really well and really got the proper agression for the Paso down.The Paso walks were really strong and he was even better in the side by side sections.The lifts were exicting and the flip fit in  with the choreography.One thing though is when they got back together for the last time it wasn't as strong as the rest of the routine.With that said though,amazing job from Kathrin & René who danced it wonderfully! My Score:8/10



Lily & Jimmie Rumba:Well considering her circumstances.Her only having two days to train,Andrzej catching covid,Jimmie stepping in and them having to build a connection and she has a RUMBA on top of that.I thought she did fine for two days but at the same time you can tell she only had two days.It just looked very undereahearsed and she looked very unsure of herself. My Score:3/10


Amira & Massimo Slowfox:I honestly really liked it!I wouldn't  personally go as low as five. The choreography was really nice and Amira danced it nicely enough.Idk there's something about Amira for me.She just has this presence on the dancefloor for me.She's not up there with the best dancers yet but she's improving and there's a lot of potential there so if she keeps going down this route I'm pretty exicted ti see more from her! My Score:6.5/10


Riccardo & Isabel Jive: It was honestly fine.His kicks and flicks did get messy in places but the characterization was there.Nothing else good or bad to sau honestly. My Score 5/10


Timur & Patricija Rumba:Idk something was weird with this dance.He danced the steps and the hip action was kinda there but the chemistry wasn't really there which is kinda understandable.I think Timur and Malika are such a natural pairing that it looked kinda jarring seeing him with Patricija even though they danced together in the launch show.His extensions were a bit rough and he did seem dead eyed and lacking energy in some parts. My Score 4/10


Janin & Zsolt Jive:I honestly did even know she was injured during the dance.I really enjoyed the first half of the dance.I thought she had lots of energy and perfomed it really well. The kicks and flicks were nice,light and bouncy.I think after the second lift she did go a bit stiff and the routine looked a bit jerky but overall another nice perfomance from Janin! My Score 7-7.5/10*


Cheyenne & Evgeny Rumba:If you told Cheyenne would have the highest scoring rumba of the night,I honestly wouldn't have believed you.It honestly was the best rumba of the night but considering the other two's situations and scores.It wasn't that hard to outscore them. Considering that the Cha-Cha-Cha & Rumba are similar I was expecting Cheyenne to tank but she honestly surprised.Not that it was great but most definitely better than the Cha-Cha-Cha. I think some parts were really nice and the hip action in some parts was pretty decent.There were some posey parts where she did nothing but stand and look pretty but overall not a bad dance.My Score:5/10


Mathias & Renata Paso Doble:I thought it was a very strong Paso and surprisingly a traditional themed one as I thought they would do a rock themed Paso.Mathias did pretty well,he did a good job at playing the matador and his solo was pretty good as well.Idk if it was a nine but it was still a solid dance.My Score:8/10 


My Rankings

1.René & Kathrin

2.Mathias & Renata

3.Sarah & Vadim

4.Janin & Zsolt


5.Amira & Massimo



6.Riccardo & Isabel

7.Cheyenne & Evgeny

8.Mike & Christina





9.Caroline & Valentin
















10.Timur & Patricija💔

11.Michelle & Christian

12.Lily &  Jimmie



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Running way behind on the dances but here's my Week 1 Review!


Timur & Malika (Quickstep): Nice choreography from Malika (love her outfit as well).  Good body contact and Timur kept in time quite well, he does have to work on his posture and precision of his footwork (he wasn’t closing his feet at times) but overall a good start for Timur and Malika.  Score was 6, 5, 4, not a bad first week score.  


Lilly & Andrzej (Cha-Cha-Cha): LOL at Andrzej doing a bunch of spins on the floor with Lilly just standing on the stage.  She looked pretty of course and hit the lines and poses well but that was kind of what the dance felt like, posing.  There were parts when she was actually dancing that looked nice but at other times she looked nervous and just went through the motions on stiff legs.  Score was 5, 4, 2, again not bad for the first week aside from the 2 but that’s what we can expect from Llambi with an awkward and tall contestant.  


René & Kathrin (Waltz): They’re a great pairing already with chemistry and connection on the floor.  Nice basics and flow along with lots of drama being a James Bond theme song.  He’s just going to keep getting better and better.  Score was 7, 7, 5, a pretty good first week score.  


Cheyenne & Evgeny (Quickstep): She looked amazing and like Lilly, she posed very well out of hold.  However, even getting into hold looked a bit clumsy from her and her footwork was pretty sloppy with multiple mistakes.  Score was 7, 7, 6, which felt incredibly overscored given her bad footwork.  


Sarah & Vadim (Tango): She’s a really committed performer which is great to see from the beginning.  Vadim’s choreography was great and Sarah really sold it with her interpretation.  Some technical issues like flailing of her limbs at times and she needs to work on her right arm in hold, her elbow keeps drooping and making her arm look like an elastic stretching back and forth, she’s going to need to work on her limbs’ strength.  Score was 6, 6, 4, a decent score.  


Michelle & Christian (Tango): Great choreography from Christian.  Michelle performed pretty well and her technique was nice with the gliding of her feet.  She needs to work on pointing her toes though, the gauchos were done on flexed feet.  Overall, a nice start though.  Score was 6, 6, 5, which seems fair, she was more solid than Sarah which could be why Llambi gave a higher score to her.  


Bastian & Ekaterina (Quickstep): Cute Who Wants to Be a Millionaire setup but oye vey, the dancing.  Zero musicality and stumbled footwork.  Ekaterina has her work cut out for her this year.  Score was 4, 3, 1, can’t argue with that.  


Caroline & Valentin (Quickstep): They seriously need to stop giving Quickstep this early, it’s too difficult for Week 1.  Caroline’s attempt was probably one of the better ones though, she looked a bit nervous and tentative in the first half but loosened up more later on in the dance.  Her hold was decent as well so maybe she’ll do better with a slower ballroom dance.  Score was 6, 5, 4.  


Janin & Zsolt (Cha-Cha-Cha): Easily the best Latin dance so far, sometimes contenders can only succeed in ballroom or Latin but Janin is already showing quite the versatility.  Great showing from first-time pro Zsolt, he showcased his partner well and gave her lots of Cha-Cha content that she executed quite well.  I feel like we’ll be seeing Janin regularly near the top and getting 9s and 10s soon.  Score was 7, 6, 7, rare for Motsi to give the lower score.  


Mike & Christina (Salsa): Poor Christina, another pro with her work cut out for her.  Mike is not just STIFF, he’s flat-footed and off-time if Christina isn’t close enough to back-lead him.  He’s no Luca, that’s for sure.  I feel like he’s going to sail through for a while though thanks to his youthful appeal.  Score was 4, 4, 2.  


Mathias & Renata (Cha-Cha-Cha): Renata is QUEEN, what a choreographer.  Mathias owned the dance and has musicality and charisma in spades.  His technical execution was decent as well, just a bit stompy at times and he lost sync for a second but overall he’s shaping up to be a good Latin dancer.  Mathias & Renata feed off each other’s energies so well too, they dance as a pair.  Score was 7, 7, 7, which was the highest of the night!


Riccardo & Isabel (Viennese Waltz): Good choreography from Isabel, Riccardo is a bit mediocre and lacking in musicality though.  He was also very stiff throughout and made the Viennese Waltz look jerky much of the time.  Score was 6, 5, 2, so kind of mixed messages.  


Amira & Massimo (Salsa): Didn’t really like or get the beginning and ending with the bed, too Gleb.  Amira definitely has the potential to be a contender but Massimo kind of outdanced her and made her look a bit behind at times.  If he can rein it in and work on refining Amira’s technique they could be finalists.  Score was 5, 5, 4, which I’m guessing might have been because of the prop bed and Massimo’s overdancing.  

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I was planning on doing a week 3 and week 4 review at the same time so here's my thoughts on  week 3.

Riccardo & Isabel Cha-Cha-Cha:Again like  last week it was another fine dance from him.Probably his best dance.I felt like Isabel really shined in this dance and Riccardo  was just there to assist her.Riccardo did execute  some of the Cha-Cha moves nicely but some of the moves were a bit stiff and there needed to be more flow. My Score:6/10


Mike & Christina Charleston:Defintely a step up from the last two weeks and Christina's choreography was really nice.I do think he did do slightly outshine Christina in the swivel sections.I think Mike performed the dance really nice and he had a good connection with Christina.The part with the prop was a really good prop too.Overall i do think he is improving (in small steps) and is moving in the right direction. My Score:6/10


Amira & Massimo Rumba:I didn't like the rolling onto the ground at the beginning.It didn't really fit the dance in my opinon.Other than that,I really liked  Massimo's choreography.He showcased Amira well and was a good partner to her.I thought Amira  did pretty good.She had the hip action and the rumba walks down nicely. She also had good chemistrywith Massimo.I did feel though Amira didn't really perform the dance like she usually does.Idk it felt like she didn't have her usual "presence" on the dance floor but it was her best dance to date! My Score 7/10


Michelle & Christian Waltz:Michelle looked stunning in her dress and Christian's choreography highlighted her really well.I thought she perfomed the dance with the right amount of emotion and she glided across the floor with elegance and grace.I defnitely think it was an improvement from last weekHowever again at times she did look like she was being dragged during the dance espically during the last time they were in hold but i don't think it deserved a 3.My Score 5.5/10


Sarah & Vadim Cha-Cha-Cha:.I thought it was a pretty nice Cha--Cha from Sarah and this dance is showing that's she's on the right track.I thought she had a very good perfomance and she had a nice connection with Vadim.She produced some nice new yorkeers and some nice leg action as well.She does still slighlt raise her knees a little too high off the dancefloor  but overall a another good dance from them.Also sidenot i love Vadim as a performer.He's so animated when he performs.My Score:7/10


Rene & Kathrin Quickstep:Wow what an amazing quickstep!Loved the choreography from Kathrin.Rene ate this dance up.He had a strong frame,good footwork and performed very well.Loved all the cartwheels they had in the dance.The 9's and 10s were truly deserved here.My Score 9.5-10*/10


Mathias & Renata Waltz:I was intrigued how he would do in ballroom and he did very nice IMO.I thought he lead Renata well and they moved as one.He performed the dance with charm and had a nice frame and footwork.I liked the lift they did in the middle and Renata's choreography was very nice. My Score:7.5/10


Bastian & Ekaterina Cha-Cha-Cha:Well.......At least it was very enjoyable as a performance and he had fun so!The dancing was.......not so good from Bastian again.Zero rhythm,musicality and the technique flew out the window.My Score:2.5/10


Janin & Zsolt Contemporary:So i saw on the website that this dance was about her divorce and watching the dance i really felt the emotion and her pain.I thought Janin really gave an expressive and emotional performance and Zsolt's choreography told a story to me.It was her best dance so far IMO.My Score:9.5-10*/10



1/2:Janin & Zsolt/Rene & Kathrin

3:Mathias & Renata

4/5:Amira & Massimo/Sarah & Vadim

6:Mike & Christina

7:Riccardo & Isabel

8:Michelle & Christian

9:Bastian & Ekaterina

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Well I lied and here's my week 4 review! So for this review I wanted to do something new and group the contenstants into categories.I might do this for other reviews,I might not so this is just a trial run.



The ones,in my opinion that are the weakest of the show.


Bastian & Ekaterina Charleston:It was fun and the mouse theme was very cute and Ekaterina did slay but as usual the dancing wasn't great,there was lack of musicality,lack of rhythm so basically another ordinary Bastian dance. My Score:3/10


Mike & Christina Viennese Waltz:Oof this was kind of a stepdown from last weeks dance.There were some nice moments in there and Christina's choreography was beautiful but overall it was flat footed and stompy,the posture was weird and the extensions were a bit lacking in polish. My Score 4.5/10


Riccardo & Isabel Salsa: Out of the two salsas we had,I'd say that this one was the more traditionally inclined one.However dance wise it was clearly the weaker one.The hip action was stilted at times and the upper body was very stiff.There was some nice partnering work in there but he did get behind the beat several times. My Score 4.5/10



The ones that had a meh to decent but not too noteworthy dance.The ones that faded into the background.


Lily & Andrzej Quickstep:Bless her getting eliminated in the first show,then your partner having covid in the second show so you dance with a replacement pro then you get covid then you reunite with your partner then get eliminated again. Anyways I think the Princess did deliver her best dance and she looked gorgeous as always.Her frame was a bit awkward and the footwork was a bit jumpy and rough but like I said I do think this was her best dance and at least she went out on a high note.My Score 5/10


Caroline & Valentin Tango:I mean it wasn't bad but it wasn't good either.It felt very "hard" to me,the frame wasn't great and there was some slight stumbles in the footwork. My Score 5/10




Self-Explanatory,the ones that had a pretty significant improvement in their damce quailty.

Michelle & Christian Jive:By far her best dance,she really committed to the character and the dance itself.However her kicks and flicks were a bit messy but she made that up with her energy.My Score 6.5/10


Amira & Massimo Jive:This was also Amira's best dance!I thought she performed the dance really well and her kicks and flicks were pretty nice too.I do think Massimo outdanced her at time which did make her look a bit weak compared to him but regardless she still did a pretty good job. My Score 7.5-8/10



The ones compared to there previous dances gave a pretty shockingly good to great dance for there respective skill level.


Timur & Malika Tango:I would say for that this tango was an Argentine Tango but anyways.Compared to his other dances I thought Timur did great!.He really dominated the dance,had a pretty good frame and irresistible chemistry with Malika.He did slightly hunch over while in hold and I would've liked to see him do a bit more in the AT sections but a great tango for 1 day of training! My Score 7.5-8/10



The ones that gave performances that were firmly secured themselves as highlights of the night but not THE BEST OF THE NIGHT.


Mathias & Renata Salsa:It was a very entertaining salsa from Mathias & Renata and he did very well.He had great hip action and the partnering with Renata nicely.I liked the handstand he did.That was a cool part.It was a very good dance but to me i wouldn't go as high as tens.My Score 8.5-9/10


René & Regina Rumba:A shame that Kathrin wasn't there as I know it would've been amazing with her but he did do very nice with Regina!He had a nice connection and chemistry with her.However I do think his hip action was a little bit lacking,some of the faces were a bit much and his hand shaping could've also been better.I did like the big lift they did at the end.However I did still enjoy the dance and it was still a really good dance from René! My Score 8.5-9/10


Janin & Zsolt Samba:To the first contemporary to the first samba of the season.Not gonna lie I was a bit worried for when I saw she had the samba and as seeing her song does not work for a samba at all,I was really nervous that the producers set her up.But she rose to the occasion amazingly.She had nice hip action,good bounce action and great partner work with Zsolt.Also nice choreography from Zsolt,lots of samba basic in there.Another great performance from them. My Score 9/10


The couple(s) who in my opinion did the best of the night.

Sarah & Vadim Contemporary:Great choreography from Vadim once again.Sarah really emoted wonderfully and really connected to the music and Vadim amazingly.Her dancing was free and expressive.This was by far her best dance and honestly it did truly deserve the perfect score IMO.She didn't really do anything wrong so. My Score 10/10


Boys vs Girls Battle.Both of them did good but the Girls were stronger imo.

My Winner:The Girls.


My Ranking

1.Sarah & Vadim

2.Janin & Zsolt

3.René & Regina

4.Mathias & Renata

5.Amira & Massimo

6.Timur & Malika

7.Michelle & Christian


8.Caroline & Valentin

9.Lily & Andrzej

10.Riccardo & Isabel

11.Mike & Christina

12.Bastian & Ekaterina

Boys Vs Girls Battle


2. Boys


3-4,5-6 and 8-9 are all interchangeable

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So I haven't been keeping up doing the reviews due to school but I have been doing my best to catch up with the season.This week I will (hopefully) be back  to review the trio dance week.

Here are the dances


Sarah Mangione & Vadim Garbuzov
Charleston to "We no speak Americano" by Yolanda Be Cool and Dcup
Rumba to "Don't be so shy" by Imamy in trio dance with Malika Dzumaev

René Casselly & Kathrin Menzinger
Jive to "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley
Slowfox to "Come Fly With Me" by Frank Sinatra in a trio dance with Valentin Lusin

Amira Pocher & Massimo Sinato

Paso Doble on "Lux Aeterna" by Clint Mansell
Samba to "Shake your Bon Bon" by Ricky Martin in trio dance with Andrzej Cibis

Janin Ullmann & Zsolt Sandor Cseke

Slow fox to "Call Me" by Blondie
Tango to "Für Elise" by Ludwig van Beethoven in a trio dance with Evgeny Vinokurov

Mathias Mester & Renata Lusin
Tango to "7 Nation Army" by The White Stripes
Samba to "Cuban Pete" by Jim Carrey in a trio dance with Christina Luft



Thoughts:I can see Sarah succeding with Charleston it suits her personality and hopefully she has her big moment again.I could also see her selling the senuality of the rumba really well but the technique may go either way.


Very Excited for René's Jive.It should probably be his best latin,The Slowfox should be nice as well.


Amira,like Sarah should be able to sell the character of her dances well but i can see the samba technique being quite tricky for her.Considering she did some nice paso parts in her magic moment,I'm interested to see how she does with a full on paso.Also interested to see if she'll keep up the momentum of the magic moment and break free from the middle grouo



Janins slowfox should be very elegant and graceful. Also very intrigued to see "Call Me" used as a slowfox.Janin's tango should be very good as well.I wonder if they will do an AT and just call it a tango like Timur's and René's



Actually kinda worried for Mathias here.Ever since week 5 He's been havinh some sort of mental block where kinda forgets/fumbles or doesn't fully have the choreography down the choreography and honestly he's been on a decline since then and honestly gone from 3rd best to like that middle group with Sarah and Amira.The Tango could go either way and the Samba could be like his other routines from weeks 5-9.Entertaining but forgets parts of the choreography.

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Quarter-Finals Review! 


Sarah & Vadim Charleston:Well I hoping that Sarah would have another big moment like her contemporary but i was slightly letdown by this performance.However I still thought she did very well and gave enjoyable performance.She gave a 100% and threw herself to each step she did.The partnering work and lifts were done really well.I would've liked to seen more swivel and they did fall a little out of sync a couple of times but still a very good performance from Sarah & Vadim! My Score: 8/10


Amira & Massimo Paso Doble:Well I was interested to see if Amira would keep up the momentum fron last week and she did very welll.I thought she played the role of the queen pretty good and the dancing was really strong as well!I thought she brought the intensity to the paso and the shaping was strong as well.Some parts didn't flow as smoothly as others but this was definitely one of Amira's best! My Score:9.5/10


René & Kathrin Jive:Well I was expecting this to be a knockout of a dance but i think I might've put my expections a bit too high.It wasn't as stong as his other dances but it was still a good dance.I thought René had really strong kicks and flicks but for the first time i noticed his posture was a bit stiff in parts and it's a shame about the failed trick at the end but it was still a good dance besides that.My Score 8-8.5/10


Mathias & Renata Tango:Well this was definitely better than his past few dances for sure.I liked Renata's choreography and Mathias played the role very nicely.I do think the steps did get a bit too big at times and i do think it was a little overrated.I agreed with the 8 but not the 9s.Regardless this was one of Mathias's better dances.My Score 8/10


Janin & Zsolt Slowfox:Very nice choreography from Zsolt,He's really doing a great job for his debut season.I thought this was another great dance from Janin.She had a beautiful frame and gorgeous footwork.Her and Zsolt had great bost contact as well and moved across the floor.Another deserved perfect score for them! My Score:10/10


Sarah,Vadim & Malika Rumba Trio :Well Sarah did very well here and honestly provided one of her better dances here.She had great chemistry with both Malika and Vadim.The hip action could've been a bit more prounounced and the extensions were a bit unfinished at tunes but overall a good dance from Sarah. My Score:8.5/10


Amira,Massimo & Andrzej Samba Trio:No shade to Massimo but Amira had more chemistry with Andrzej in one week of training then him with ten weeks lol.Anyways moving on to the samba which I thought Amira did pretty good at.The hip action like Sarah could've been more prounounced and the Samba bounce did get lost at times but as always she gave a great performance and personallly this samba was better than Mathias's.My Score:8.5/10


René,Kathrin & Valentin Slowfox Trio:I had a feeling this would be one of the highlights of the night and it honestly exceeded my expectations to be honest.The choreography was amazing especially the part where Valentin & René were in hold together.I really liked the part at the end where Kathrin & René flew in the air.A great dance that absolutely deserved a perfect score. My Score: 10/10


Mathias,Renata & Christina Samba Trio:Well it was very fun and entertaining trio from these three!I thought was a very energetic and enjoyable samba from Mathias however like the tango the steps were a bit too big and he did seem to be rushing in some places.Also I did find his comments about him having the perfect view about Renata and Christina weird and unacceptable.Anyways the dance was a good. My Score:8/10


Janin,Zsolt & Evgeny Trio Tango:I do think this routine was a very good routine for Janin.She had great chemistry with both of the guys and danced the tango parts very well and did like the ballet inserts as well.However I did notice she did have a little wobble at the beginning but she did save herself quite nicely.I'm not mad at the 30 but I personally wouldn't have given a whole box of points to it.I do think one or two 9s could've been thrown in there but all in all another great performance from Janin. My Score:9.5/10



My Rankings

1.René,Kathrin & Valentin Slowfox

2. Janin & Zsolt Slowfox

3.Janin,Zsolt & Evgeny Tango

4.Amira & Massimo Paso Doble

5.Sarah,Vadim & Malika Rumba

6.Amira,Massimo & Andrzej Samba

7.Renè & Kathrin Jive

8.Sarah & Vadim Charleston

9.Mathias & Renata Samba

10.Mathias & Renata Tango


Thoughts on the elimination.

I am a bit sad to see Sarah go as I personally wanted her in the semi finals over Mathias but good for her on making it this far and congrats to Vadim for another great partnership.She did produce some great dances like the Contemporary,Bachata ,VW and Slowfox and I wished she could've stayed longer but it is what it is.Overall though she had a pretty solid run.Also I'm very excited on seeing how everyone does with the improv dance more extreme.



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Final Dances are up!

Janin Ullmann & Zsolt Sándor Cseke

  • Jury Dance: Cha Cha Cha to "Habia Cavour" by La Maxima 79
  • Favourite dance: Contemporary for "Stone Cold" by Demi Lovato
  • Freestyle with the theme burlesque to "Express" and "Show me how you Burlesque" by Christina Aguilera and "Welcome to Burlesque" by Cher

 René Casselly & Kathrin Menzinger

  • Jury Dance: Cha Cha Cha to "Cake By The Ocean" by DNCE
  • Favourite dance: Tango to "Assassin's Tango" by John Powel
  • Freestyle with the motto "Final Show" to "Pushin' on" by 2WEI and Marvin Brooks and "Stole the Show" by Parson James and Kygo

Mathias Mester & Renata Lusin show these dances in the "Let's Dance" finale

  • Jury dance: Rumba to "It Must Have Been Love" by Roxette
  • Favourite dance: Paso Doble on "The Final Countdown" by Europe
  • Freestyle with the theme "The Smurfs" to "Mambo #5" by "The Smurfs", "They're Coming" by Christopher Lennertz, "I'm too smurfy" by Right Said Fred and "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO


Rene doing Cha-Cha-Cha was going to happen as he didn't do it before the finale

Mathias  having the rumba kinda makes nervous considering that this was his first big stumble but i love his song so.

Janin should do well with the Cha-Cha-Cha considering she redeemed it via her magic moment and  its similar to the rumba so I have hope for this dance.

I'm not surprised that Janin chose the contemporary as her favorite but I was expecting her to choose her quickstep or charleston.

Rene's (Argentine) Tango is one of the best dances of the season so I expect it to be just as amazing.

I'm bit shocked that Mathias chose Paso for his favorite.Like Janin,I was also expecting him to pick a different dance like his salsa.


Janin's  film and songs are amazing so i'm very excited to see her freestyle.I think we could also see a new side to Janin here.

Rene not doing a movie for his theme kinda suprises me as I was lowkey expecting him to do the greatest showman.Regardless it should be great.

I kinda get iconic hot mess vibes from Mathias's freestyle and honestly I'm kinda here for it.

I think Mathias will place third given him backsliding in public vote and favor with the fans,Janin or Rene will most likely win.I'm leaning more towards Rene as most of the time the frontrunning women usually don't win.



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I'm late but congratulations to René & Kathrin the winners of Let's Dance 2022!🎉 René is a very worthy winner and him & Kathrin made a great team! I'll review the dances when I have time!

Also the pro challenge is next week!

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