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Song Suggestions For the Top 40


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I know several people have already been eliminated but I want to know what songs you would have given them if you were their coach!


Team Blake-

Todd Tilghman- "Have a Little Faith in Me" Joe Cocker Version

Todd Michael Hall- "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" Journey

Levi Watkins- "You and I" One Direction

Toneshia Harris- "Band of Gold" Freeda Payne (Toneshia has a great voice, but I find her delivery boring, I hope this would bring out her personality)

Joei Fulco- "Mama's Broken Heart" (Good mix of her country/rock lane I think)

Jamal Corrie- "Slow Hands" Niall Horan

Jon Mullins- "The Man Who Won't Be Moved" The Script (Perfect for his backstory, could really connect to this)

Jacob Daniel Murphy- "Purpose" Justin Beiber

Cam Spinks- "Most People are Good" Luke Bryan 

Kailey Abel- "It's a Heartache" Bonnie Tyler


Team John- 

Nelson Cade- "Too Close" Alex Clare

Darious Lyles- "With You" Chris Brown

Zach Day- "Nobody Knows" Tony Rich

Cammwess- "This Time" John Legend

Thunderstorm Artis- "Losing My Religion: R.E.M (I know this is super weird, but if it was super stripped I think it would be a moment)

Zan Fiskum- "So Far Away" Carole King

Mike Jerel- "A Change is Gonna Come" Sam Cooke

Brittney Allen- "A Place Only We Know" Keine

Mandi Castillo- "Love Me Harder" Ariana Grande & The Weekend (Wish this was her battle song with Cam, instead of Senorita🤮)

Cedrice- "Ex-Factor" Lauryn Hill (She would slay this)


Team Nick-

Tate Brusa

Joana Seranko- "A Safe Place to Land" Sara Barellis & John Legend (Can you imagine this? 😍)

Arei Moon- "Bust Your Windows" Jazmine Sullivan (I feel Arei should go more R&B/Pop rather than Pop/Rock because anytime she pushed her voice it got a bit thin)

Allegra Miles- "The A Team" Ed Sheeran

Samuel Wilco- "A Million Reasons" Lady Gaga

Jacob Miller- "Always a Woman to Me" Billy Joel

Roderick Chambers "Love Someone" Lukas Graham

Michael Williams- "One Call Away" Charlie Puth

Anders Dreup- "Love is a Losing Game" Amy Winehouse (I have no clue for Anders, his genre wasn't super clear then he does reggae and I don't think he's a reggae artist?)

Kevin Farris- "Mercy" Shawn Mendes (No clue, didn't like him that much)


Team Kelly-

Taylor Green- "Unfaithful" Rihanna

Megan Danielle- "The House That Built Me" Miranda Lambert (I know all of her confirmed songs as of right now aren't country, but I imagine her a country artist due to her tone)

Chelle- "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" Meghan Trainor

Sara Collins- "Sparks Fly' Taylor Swift

Samantha Howell- "Over You" Miranda Lambert (Same thing as Megan)

Anaya Cheynenne- "The Voice Within" Christina Aguilera

Mandi Thomas- "Never Enough" Loreen Allred (Overdone I know, but now she can show her classical training on a big power balled most people know)

JULES- "Dirty Diana" Michael Jackson (By far the weirdest pairing, but if she did what she did what she did with "No Rest for the Wicked" and added some grit and sass, I would love it)

Micah Iverson- "Falling" Harry Styles/"Love Where You're At" Allen Stone (I know Harry isn't in his wheel house, but I think he would do well)

Gigi Hess- "Bound to You" Christina Aguilera


Feel free to respond with all 40 or just one or two!

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