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The Buzz with CCX - Season 18 Episode 7


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Same as last time, Sam Adams--largely because it's in a can and I was rushing around right before showtime. The big "twist" is...instead of a full group, it's just a duet. Not really a big twist. Naturally, Margie and Jonny will be teaming up. Louis and Francisco are teaming up, because they heard before meeting that they were being set up as rivals and they hit it off. Their duet name is "3:15", which Katy correctly guesses is the time they got to bed the previous night. They're doing "Breakeven" by the script. Francisco's struggling and he can't hide it. Louis helps him cover, and the judges notice, and Katy gives him credit for "not letting his friend hang out to dry." That's how you do it! It's hard not to think of what happened in Season 8's Top 4 and how much better these judges handled it.


Speaking of Season 8 flashbacks, Jordan and Franklin are using the name "White Chocolate". Franklin goes on and Jordan goes home. Lauren Mascitti and Leon...something are a duet. These names aren't on the screen long enough. Lauren sticks around and Leon goes home. Now we get Cam and Ren on "Shallow", and we get the first real mistake as Ren gets sent home. Hannah Prestridge and Grace Leer team up, old country and new country. And it's the end of the road for Hannah! I'm surprised; she got a lot of pimping. I guess it's just the sob story. Jimmy Levy and Nick Merico are "Miami Boyz", and they do well. They both go through. Isa Pena and Olivia Ximines team up on "Try". I'm not a fan, so naturally they get a standing ovation.


Group week drama is still there. Madison Paige and Peyton Aldridge. Yeah this is going to be a disaster; the vocal coach says this is supposed to be a love song. At least they're making a joke out of it, calling their group "The Chicken Wings". They're singing "Don't You Want to Stay" Peyton forgets the words but he admits to it in tune. It actually turns out pretty well. Or not. They seem to think they screwed up, Peyton even admits that he cost Madison. Wow, he goes right out and asks the judges to give her another chance! And they both go through. I doubt Peyton's long for this competition though.


Jordan Jones and DeWayne Crocker Jr. are "JD Smooth". Zack Dobbins and Courtney Timmons are doing Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman", which surprises the judges because that doesn't seem like Zack's style. He agrees. Their group is called "The Strange Ones". They started off going with "Higher Love", but it wasn't working out so Bobby Bones told them to just go with something everyone knows like "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". Also, Adriana McPhee sighting! Kat's family is still tied to this show long after her run. And then while Zack's trying to learn the song, Courtney says it's time to change again. They end up on Dangerous Woman and Zack doesn't even know the lyrics yet, and we're going to commercial without having seen more than a few seconds of a couple of performances right after coming back from the previous one.


We come back, it's a train wreck as expected, they both go home, and we go back to commercial.


Aliana Jester and YZThaSinger are singing a song called "Heaven", I don't know which one, it's not the Bryan Adams song, and it's such a good connection that everyone seems to see sparks. They both go through. Louisianans Jovin Webb and Faith Bechnel (sp?) are teaming up on "It's A Man's Man's Man's World". Both go through. Landen Starkman and Perrin York are "Nervous", but they're not nervous at all. They, too, do "Breakeven", because there is a limited list, we even see it during Zack and Courtney's struggles. Genavieve is teaming up with Travis...something. These names aren't on screen for very long and I frequently have to check my typing! She's getting emotional, however, because she always used to do duets with her late sister. Well, they're amazing. Katy gives her a big fakeout, but both of them are going through.


We get some unmemorables, one of whom goes through, and then Kat and Alex, who could barely get their hands apart to audition separately. I couldn't help but wonder if the duets were in part because of the couples they put through, but of course, they cruelly send Alex home while bringing Kat through. And now for our other power couple, Margie Mays and Jonny West. Jonny's nervous, again. Their team is called "Marjonny Ways". How cute. They do well but Katy doesn't think it was great. Just barely enough to get through. For both of them.


Cyniah Elise and Makayla Phillips are teaming up on "The Prayer". Their group name is "The Diva Show." They are amazing and they both go through. I'm sorry, I'm only halfway invested in this tonight. Elyjuh Rene and Kimmy Gabriela are teaming up on "Stay". Evan Kuriga and Dillon James are "The Dudettes" and they're doing "Use Somebody" and Lauren Spencer-Smith and Makayla Brownlee are "Kansada" and they're doing, uh, my ADHD isn't fast enough to let me catch these quick snippets and type them but it was a song I knew and like! All six are going through.


Robert Taylor III and Tito Rey are doing, in their own words, "a gay love song". It is very falsetto. Tito's going home.


Just Sam gets the pimp spot. She and her partner are amazing and they both go through.

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