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  1. Ok I honestly like this better it's what I thought was going to be the order that or John in blakes chair
  2. I really hope it's not true I don't want the chair order to be kelsea Michael Adam John I'd rather have Michael or Adam on the end with John on the other end in blakes old chair
  3. Do we know the chair order for season 27 I really hope they have adam and John on the ends with John in blakes old chair
  4. I personally agree with everything except for #5 and I believe it was #7 I personally don't have much of an issue with the block and Carsons questions are fine especially because it's rare for an artist that a coach was blocked from getting gets all the way to the Finale and also that's why they have the steels in the battles and the knockouts but that's just my opinion
  5. I could see it being john kelsea Michael Adam however with them moving reba to the chair next to Snoop for season 26 I think kelsea will be next to Adam or John whoever gets blakes old chair for season 27
  6. Are you sure it wouldn't be Adam in his og chair and John in blakes chair
  7. What chair order do yall think season 27s will be based off of how the coaches are seated for season 26 I think adam will be back in his original chair then Michael will be next to him then Kelsea and John in blakes old chair how about yall?
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