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  1. 30 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

    Because she has a billion photos to choose from:


    1. Elyse Sewell - Gonzalo 

    2. Shandi Sullivan - goofycilla90

    3. Liberty Netuschil - jarmon

    4. Fatima Siad - Zoey

    5. Catherine Thomas - up for grabs

    6. Furonda Brasfield - Doris-Ann

    7. Robin Manning - Alex95

    8. Angelea Preston - FrogLenzen

    9. Amanda Swafford - Gonzalo 

    10. Winnie Harlow FKA Chantelle Brown-Young - FrogLenzen





    I’d like to add Leslie (c6) but I’m not going to play as her so she’ll be unclaimed 

  2. 3 hours ago, rdhaley96 said:


    Let me ask you this: it is not possible to simply like a girl's picture the best on its own merits if that girl happens to be white? Fo and Aminat both took awesome pictures... but so did Allison.



    I don’t like Allison’s pic that week. She’s not versatile still and she looks like an ad for a rash campaign. Fo’s & Aminat’s were on such a high up level that neither of them or Teyona getting FCO makes me annoyed. I know everyone else likes Allison’s photo so it getting a high callout I could understand. But getting first is a stretch. And I felt like Allison got FCO bc she’s the fan favorite of the cycle. 

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  3. 1. Teyona

    2. Allison

    3. London

    4. Kortnie- I know it’s high but none of the photos look good other than top three and I just love her face and thinks she’s underrated. 

    5. Aminat

    6. Natalie

    7. Fo

    8. Celia

    9. Sandra

    10. Nijah 

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