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  1. 9 hours ago, Bk1234 said:


    Ooh, that’s interesting. I’ve never seen people write about a Voice artist’s live before. 😮 

    We’ve also never had someone quite like Wendy before (in terms of the sheer volume and variety of pre-show experiences in the music industry), and I’d imagine there’s at least a few casual viewers of the show who might not keep up with her closely but wonder how she’s doing post-fall. 

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  2. Without Jesse vs. Anthony in Season 2, we never would’ve gotten Amanda to the live shows in Season 3 (since there wouldn’t have been motivation to implement battle steals, and Amanda lost her battle), so I voted for them.

  3. 8 hours ago, Gustavo527 said:

    I just noticed it hasn't been posted here, so here is the music video of Julia's song "Sugar Rush". Check it out, is pure art. 



    She also posted the lyric video recently on her YouTube channel. Man, i love her creativity 


    Here is the link to the Spotify's version. Go and stream it as much as you can 






  4. 12 hours ago, Gustavo527 said:


    I'm not an expert on the topic, and i know i have a lot to learn. But i'm just gonna say that, Raelynn is clearly talking since her privilege, and it's pretty sad to watch her invalidate the experiences with opression of a whole group of people just because she herself doesn't experience it.  

    The thing that kills me most is that you don’t even have to experience that oppression to acknowledge it exists and that it’s a problem, and yet…here we are.


    If she wants to be the female Morgan Wallen, then that’s on her. She’s within her rights to do that, but the rest of us are free to call her out when she says things like “racism doesn’t exist in country music” that are just straight up untrue.

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  5. I’m gonna keep it short and just do Season 13 onwards.


    S13: Ignatious Carmouche

    S14: Stephanie Skipper, Genesis Diaz

    S15: Natalie Brady

    S16: Mikaela Astel, Rizzi Myers, LiLi Joy, Cecily Hennigan, Trey Rose

    S17: Injoy Fountain, Dane & Stephanie, Mendeleyev

    S18: Zach Day, Jacob Daniel Murphy, Kailey Abel

    S19: Liam St. John, Rio Souma

    S20: Lindsay Joan, Durrell Anthony, Bradley Sinclair

    S21: KJ Jennings, Parker McKay

  6. Kat’s is a blast and a half every time, but Christina’s is iconic tier for a reason.


    In poll two, GNT wins it but Katie and Todd were also pretty good. Were the groups more evenly distributed (for example, S11-21 in the second group vs. S1-10 in group one), I’d have gone for Chris and it wouldn’t be close 💀

  7. 12 hours ago, Gustavo527 said:

    This batch could have been your Top 5 and i would've been completely fine with it:wub: (Maybe slightly different order, but still)

    My top 3 was pretty much locked in, but 4-10 are pretty much interchangeable on where I’d rank them (it was easy to get them into the top 10, but within that was a massive pain to decide which artist went where 🤪)

    12 hours ago, Cookie73 said:

    My Top 10


    1. Cam Anthony

    2. Corey Ward

    3. Dana Monique

    4. Gihanna Zoe

    5. Jordan Matthew Young

    6. Anna Grace

    7. Rachel Mac

    8. Victor Solomon

    9. Ryleigh Modig

    10. Zae Romeo

    Given 70% of this overlaps with my own top 10, it’s a solid list (Zae and Victor both just barely missed the top 10 as it was, and if I was only looking at his lives Jordan would’ve likely made the top third of my list).

  8. 2 hours ago, Misirlou said:

    Weren´t lying when you said speed run, lol.


    Some thoughts:

    • I´d have Pete and Jordan much higher. Speechless aside, Pete had a great run in my opinion. He did Steve Winwood justice in his blind, went for a smokey and heartfelt approach in his (sadly shortclipped) battle, and went out of his comfort zone with a hard Lewis Capaldi song. Plus, the Pat Benetar performance was just a feel good moment. As for Jordan, slow and steady, you´ll win the race. Once he got comfortable (POs), he kicked ass those three weeks. It helps that he´s right up my alley as an artist. Pete would be at 10 for me. Jordan would be at 4. 


    • Savanna Woods´s pre-lives were as perfect as you can get. She´s at 3 for me. I mean, you do Chris Cornell justice, I have zero doubts she would have killed it live. But we were luckily given 3 fantastic showings.


    • Nice to see Pia in the Top 10. Definitely deserved for me. I´d have her a bit higher, at 7. Throughly enjoyed her run.


    • I´m surprised to see a few ones that high, personally, but different strokes for different folks.


    If we were looking just at Pete’s pre-lives and just at Jordan’s lives, both would be up at least five spots. In the context of their whole runs, I had to make adjustments somewhere.


    Savanna, had we seen one last performance from her, would’ve easily been up a couple spots, but I couldn’t quite justify having her higher due to her short run (and yes, I acknowledge that having Lindsay even higher than her despite fewer performances means that logic makes no sense).


    Pia/Rachel/Anna I think was the trio that was overall hardest for me to decide who went where, so I went with who stylistically I’d be most likely to keep up with post show.

  9. 2 hours ago, TheVoiceFan2 said:

    Oooooooo love to see Savanna in that top 10!!! As she should 🤩


    Also a Ryleigh, Dana, Cam, Corey, Gihanna top 5???? Stunning all around bestie you've got taste!!!

    The overall top 5 was pretty straightforward for me, but ranking within the top 5 was difficult 😣 


    Savanna could’ve been higher if we’d gotten to see her in the playoffs, but her three performances all kicked ass so having her in the top 10 was a no-brainer for me.


    1 hour ago, FloorWax said:

    My top 10 would probably go something like: (this is without rewatching performances)


    1. Cam

    2. Corey 

    3. Savanna 

    4. Ryleigh

    5. Gihanna

    6. Zania 

    7. Pete

    8. Victor

    9. Anna

    10. Pia


    HM: Rachel, Kenzie, Lindsay, Dana (out of respect)


    I know the exclusion of Dana is blasphemous but... I just never connected with her vocal style. I always respected her performances more than I've enjoyed them.

    She’s not for everyone, but Dana (as I’ll tackle in her write-up) was someone I had a blast watching, which is how she made it to my top 5.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Cookie73 said:

    Did not expect Lindsay Joan to be higher in your ranking than BK’s. Also happy to see Corey and Dana in your T5 (since they weren’t in BK’s). 


    1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    We love to see it though! 🥰

    …I’ll be honest, a small part of why Lindsay’s up that high (besides being a very solid vocalist) is the fact she gives off the vibe of the type of woman I’d have a massive crush on but be way too socially awkward to approach IRL 😅🥴


    Anyway, top 5 write-ups should be out this weekend, depending on when I have a chance to work on them.

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  11. 🌟🌟SPEED RUN, ROUND 3: Catch Me If You Can🌟🌟


    10. Savanna Woods (Team Kelly)


    Genre: Rock

    Favorite Performance: Black Hole Sun (knockout)


    9. Pia Renee (Team Legend)


    Genre: R&B/Reggae

    Favorite Performance: What The World Needs Now (knockout)


    8. Rachel Mac (Team Nick)


    Genre: Folk

    Favorite Performance: Rainbow (playoffs)


    7. Anna Grace (Team Kelly --> Team Blake)


    Genre: Indie/Jazz/Pop

    Favorite Performance: If I Die Young (knockout)


    6. Lindsay Joan (Team Nick)


    Genre: Pop

    Favorite Performance: Nightmare (blind audition)

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  12. 38 minutes ago, FloorWax said:

    Okay, some disagreements here lol. 


    - I feel like I was a bigger fan of Pete's run than most. I'd have put him way above #25. 

    - Did not like Emma Caroline at all, I'd have her way lower than #14.

    - Zania would comfortably be in my Top 10.

    I like Pete as a person more than as a vocalist (and his last two performances bumped him down a few spots), which is the main reason he was in the first part of the speed run over the second.

  13. 9 minutes ago, Cookie73 said:

    This is fast, and I haven’t been able to soak in everything, but the main disagreement is that Jordan would be much higher


    7 minutes ago, Cookie73 said:

    Also, Carolina is a lot closer to where I would put her in this ranking than BK’s, and Zae and Zania’s placements make sense considering their playoffs


    Emma Caroline would also be much lower (in the 30s for me)


    There are a lot of placements similar to BK that I would have differently 

    Jordan mainly landed at #21 because I didn't enjoy him that much until the playoffs, but Gold Dust Woman was enough to keep him in consideration for the #20 spot (I waffled back and forth with him and Kenzie for a while, but ultimately placed Kenzie at 20 because he placed higher on the show + I liked his battle).


    Carolina grew on me and probably could've made it up to ~12ish had she had more performances over the show, but her short run kept her down in the high teens. Emma's growth in self-confidence + battle with Cam helped her out, but again, her short run kept her from the top 12.


    Zae and Zania, like Kenzie and Jordan, I flipped between spots, but ultimately Zania's KO gave her an edge over Zae, who I felt peaked at his blind (though his KO was still pretty good).


    Bk and I agreed a bit more on Season 20 than Season 21, but we still had a fair amount of overlap for Season 21.

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