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  1. Just watched the other version without the chat overlay... Pau was on friggin' fire!
  2. Last year during the 500 Patreon live chat I floated the idea of them doing a live stream now and then on either Twitch or YouTube of them rehearsing a few songs. They replied that they never heard of Twitch... But now with everything being shut down doing live streams could be a huge revenue stream for them until they can start touring again...
  3. Hey Harry!!! Was it one of my requests to her? I did make a few of them LMAO!!!!
  4. To quote myself... "The Warning, they're are beyond just being a band, they are a movement. For me and from what I've read in so many comments and post, they represent an innocence and honesty that is missing from music today. Their dedication and hard work, their humble and innocent demeanour juxtaposed with the intensity that they rock without compromise or apology. The fact that they will only do music they want, how they want and are willing to take the long hard road to success is testament to their character as a band, and who they are as people." Maddog Jones, Sept. 16, 2019.
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