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  1. Kelly running up to the stage and telling Myracle she deserves to be in the top ten over other people had me
  2. Imagine Blake being the reason his girlfriend’s artist goes home to trash... He’s sleeping on the couch tonight
  3. Myracle just SLAPPED Shane Q back to wherever he crawled from
  4. honestly Gwen’s team kinda snapped. All three of them escaped the bus
  5. Just realized who I thought max looks like. Antoni Porowski ; we stan a gay king
  6. tired song choice but it’s max so I’m okay with it
  7. also I hate how we can’t see percentages on the bottom screen... cue my stress and snxiety
  8. Okay I didn’t think Shane was BAD last week; just thought he was the worst of the team. Last night he absolutely butchered that song, how did he get voted through LOL
  9. lmfao and I’m sure Joana will win this IS just to stick it to us
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