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  1. I saw the Big Machine had their CRS luncheon where it was announced that Tim McGraw was re-signing with the label... apparently, it was a big event and most of their big talent was on hand including Danielle, and many artists performed. Danielle Bradbery premiered two new songs with the nostalgic “Girls In My Hometown,” written by Nicolle Galyon and Emily Weisband, and emotive ballad “Never Have I Ever.” She is set to release new music later this year. I have heard "Never Have I Ever", but not "Girls In My Hometown".... does anyone have a clip of that song? Here is a link to the article for anyone who is interested https://musicrow.com/2020/02/big-machine-label-group-announces-tim-mcgraw-signing-at-crs-luncheon-artists-perform1/. Cheers! Terry
  2. Hello all, I just found the new thread! I tried the old link many times thinking that it was just down, not closed. Finally went back to the root "idolforums.com" and found this. It was fun to see Danielle's journey in the old thread... but I'm looking forward to watching her continued growth in the new thread! Cheers!
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