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  1. Do you guys think the results would've changed (Top 10, Top 7) if we had live shows and longer weeks? I personally think that Makayla and Lauren Spencer would've had different fates if there was a live audience, and Louis and Jonny would not have made it Top 7 tbh.
  2. This is such a sad list. Idol fans just never change. so i checked out previous seasons and almost always, the boys outnumber the girls. I hate it the girls deserve better.. Here's the stats of Boys to Girls in the top 7 (except for some which had a top 8 ) S18 - 5:2 S17 - 5:3 S16 - 3:4 S15 - 4:4 S14 - 4:3 S13 - 5:2 S12 - 2:5 S11 - 3:4 S10 - 5:2 S9 - 5:2 S8 - 5:2 S7 - 3:4 S6 - 4:3 S5 - 4:3 S4 - 5:2 S3 - 2:5 S2 - 3:4 S1 - 3:4 Except for seasons 1-3, only 4 seasons had girls outnumber the guys. This is just sad
  3. WTF Lauren didnt make it ugh i knew it. Jovin slayed facebook stats, i knew he made it -.- i feel like sophia/jovin was the save
  4. she announced that she signed a deal today on twitter, and her mom said it was with Atlantic Records !!!
  5. So I was really bored, and started to look into this from the website https://www.celebritytalent.net/sampletalent/index.php?refine=style&cat=american+idol and you can see how much it costs to book your fave Idols (IDK HOW LEGIT THIS IS THO), here are some figures: 500K - 1M (Carrie) 300K-500K (Kelly) 150K-300K (Adam, JHUD, Daughtry) 75K-150K (Clay, Fantasia, Jordin, Kat Mcphee, Kellie, Lauren Alaina, Scotty, Phillip) 40K-75K (David Archuleta, Scarypoolparty or Alejandro Aranda) 25K-40K (Danny Gokey, Haley, Jessica Sanchez, Laine, Ruben Studdard, Ace Young, Allision Iraheta) 15K-25K (Kris, Trent, Clark, Nick, Gabby, David Cook, Candice, Caleb, Pia Toscano, Taylor Hicks) 7.5K-15K (Crystal, Casey Abrams, Jason Castro, Justin Guarini)
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