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Dream AI21 Cover Album of Any Artist (13 songs using pool of top 26)


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What would be your dream cover of album of 13 songs of any artist, using American Idol season 21’s top 26 (which means not necessarily top 12)? Each contestant of the top 26 can only be used once per album as a solo and/or as a duet. If there is a contestant of the top 12 you do not like, replace with a contestant of the bottom 14 of the top 26.


Luther Vandrosss


1. Never Too Much - Kaerya

2. Since I Lost My Baby - Lucy Love

3. So Amazing - Nailyah Serenity

4. Power of Love - Nutsa

5. Don’t Wanna Be a Fool - Warren Peay

6. I Know - Matt Wilson

7. I’d Rather - Megan Danielle

8. Love Won’t Let Me Wait - Zachariah Smith

9. Always and Forever - Malik Heard

10. Little Miracles - Tyson Venegas

11. If Only for One Night - Wé Ani

12. Take You Out - Elijah McCormick

13. Here and Now - Iam Tongi



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