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Niall's coaching


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I heard some ppl said Niall coaches like Kelly and then his song choices were pretty good so far (except for one battle). I think Niall must have studied previous seasons flaws and Kelly's coaching. 


For season 23, Niall being 29 is a hit or miss of the show as a young coach because he would have turned 30 in the next season. Chance would already be 30 by the time live shows arrived this season. Honestly, all 4 original coaches started in their 30s and Xtina was 30 years old during season 1 (2011).

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I think Niall is doing a great job coaching. From the begining until now i liked his decisions. It's his first time as a coach and he seems like he's been doing it for years. He and Kelly have both started from a competition and have the same taste on music. that's why they seem similar at coaching. So far i think Niall is doing a better job at coaching than chance.

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