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the best way to give your self a real chance to get a Golden Ticket

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Having watched this series since X-Factor to now American Idol, I am amazed to continually see people shoot them selves in the foot. If you really, really want that Golden Ticket.


Do this, First get a voice recorder, ( old cassette deck, walkman, hand held audio recorder, or cell phone).

Record your self!

Now play back the first 15 seconds of artist cover you sang.

Then followed by the first 15 seconds you sang of that song.

Be honest here. How did you do?

Do the notes match? the pitch can be way different but you must have the correct notes! It is what Simon Randy and Paula, refer to when they say TONE DEAF.


If you think yor singing is really on the Key, go sing!

Sing in Church, on the street corner, Bus stop, Bar's, Restraunts, Events, sing everywhere! Doing this will provide honest feed back and help you over come the Butterfly's. If you do not have the guts to do this, Don't waste your time trying out.

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