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Leslie Hunt is making new music!


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(mods, I'm so sorry if I posted this in the wrong place / this isn't appropriate, but it's been a long time since I've been on here! The website looks a lot different and I was trying to find her archived fan thread to bump! Feel free to move / delete if needed)


You may not remember Leslie Hunt, but she appeared on season 6 of American Idol and was in the top 10 women. You may remember her iconic departure from the show, "Why did I decide to scat? America don't care for jazz!" Since American Idol she's released two solo albums and four albums as the front-woman of District 97, a prog rock band. 


Leslie's started work on two new EPs and is almost done with them! Which, for me, is super exciting. She is crowd-funding the album tho, so if anyone is interested in helping her you can do so by going to her kickstarter.


She also did an interview on my podcast called It Bears Repeating, where she talks about the new music, her experience on Idol, and her past music! If you were interested in hearing some behind-the-scenes Idol tea. 


Hope everyone is staying safe! xx


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