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  1. NTTD is a fabulous movie and a really good ending for the movie series. it wraps up the entire arc of the last 5 movies. DC pulls his best acting in the role. I will miss him but all good things must end. 

    if you haven't seen the movie yet try to avoid spoilers simply by not going online.. and try to ignore the comments of the haters who just like to spoil it deliberately. they are not real fans of the franchise. go see the movie and decide for yourselves. 



  2. 20. Chayce Beckham - Baby Mine

    19. Dillon James - Our Town

    18. Caleb Kennedy - Real Gone

    17. Laci Kaye Booth - I See The Light

    T-15. Gabby Barrett - Colors Of The Wind

    T-15. Catie Turner - Once Upon A Dream


    this is the only time i will disagree with you on the ranking.. or did you just decided to put all the country singers you didn't like together!? both dillon and gabby deserve to be much higher than that and i wouldn't tie gabby with catie. despite being close by age catie was very immature and unprepared. and i could never understand all the hype about her. gabby just run circles around her vocally and musically (gabby and maddie should have been top 2). 

    dillon was one of my favorite on the cursed season (aka corona idol or the season that never was). fact is he is the only one who signed a major record deal with UMG nashville and is currently still working on his big label debut (unlike his independent excellent and first album). from all the songs he did (there weren't many as the season was shortened due to pandemic) this was actually my least fav. or to say I just prefered other performances better. there was something with the arrangement or editting that was off for me as you could barely hear the guitar over the invisible piano.. still I love his voice and the folky/bluesy sound he gave to his performances. 

    no comment for the others but it was funny that chayce told that he chose the song because he looked like dumbo as a kid.. 

  3. 25. Dimitrius Graham - You'll Be In My Heart

    T-23. Uché - I 2 I

    T-23. Madison VanDenburg - How Far I'll Go

    T-21. Alyssa Raghu - Colors Of The Wind

    T-21. Just Sam - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes


     I think your numbers got mixed up.. skipped #24 and #22 and did #21 and #23 twice. do you have anything against even numbers!? 


  4. 30. Arthur Gunn - Remember Me

    29. Alyssa Wray - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    28. Louis Knight - Can You Feel The Love Tonight

    27. Arthur Gunn - Kiss The Girl

    26. Walker Burroughs - When She Loved Me


    once again. totally agree. or this is how much I care for these songs.. :dead:

    still gabby and dillon better make the top 10 in your ranking!!.. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Crisis said:

    Disney can be cheesy. There are still some songs I would love to hear that hasn't been performed yet. Maybe next season.

    some songs are meant to stay in the context of the movie and shouldn't be done outside. disney songs are those. let it GOOOOOOOOO... let it gooooooo...

  6. 37. Julia Gargano - Beauty and the Beast

    36. Alejandro Aranda - Remember Me

    35. Wade Cota - You've Got A Friend In Me

    T-33. DeShawn Goncalves - When You Wish Upon A Star

    T-33. Cassandra Coleman - Go The Distance

    32. Cade Foehner - Kiss The Girl

    31. Ada Vox - Circle Of Life


    no arguments from me regarding the rankings. I actually agree those were among the worst even if i will switch several up and down like replacing cade and ada, just because I liked cade's growling and guitar works. :ph34rwave:

    still disney is my least favorite theme. too sticky. so I will be judgmental of the performances as there are very few I liked. (coughhollycavanaghcough)

  7. On 6/15/2021 at 2:25 AM, KelseyW said:

    Sadly no... Season 6 in 2007 was my first season of Idol. lol


    you missed all the fun and good times back on the old idol on fox boards. season 5 was THE BEST! I remember people kept complaining every week about chris daughtry because he killing the competition.. :P




    On 6/15/2021 at 5:36 AM, Crisis said:


    I see. Season 5 had its fair share of rabid fanbases who were at odds with each other, especially towards the end. The only fan war I think rivals them is the Adam/Kris one.

    actually season 4 was quiet rabid back on the old idol on fox boards. that was when i started watching and found out about the fan wars.. and it was messy!!

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  8. where did people got the story that he left because of the arrangement!? it seems that people just invented this story online and and keep spreading it without knowing the facts. also the "5 minutes before going onstage" sounds like a dramatic exaggeration that a show like idol is famous for. i doubt they will leave these kind of changes to the very last minute. but will go with the narrative probably just to give an excuse why graham was unrehearsed and awful. 

    the thing is we will never know what really happened because all the contestants have to sign a confidentiality agreement. at least the exec. producer that is responsible for that mess is gone. 

    arthur should have just say that he left for personal reasons like wyatt did. and clark and graham need to stfu. 




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  9. 10 hours ago, KelseyW said:

    Not to be a jerk, but if you don't like Idol then maybe stop watching it? :P


    It's not that deep of a show. Even though us die hards make it out to be.


    I wouldn't mind them ending on season 20, but hey. Talent doesn't stop getting discovered just because the old way of finding it is now obsolete. People are getting famous because of not just YouTube... But Tik Tok?!


    Such a useless social media platform that has already made "stars." lol 


    I still buy albums (CD+vinyl) and still go to shows (IN THE FUTURE. FALL PLEASE.) but you couldn't pay me to beg for AI to end just because my fave/the best voice doesn't win! 🙂 

    Who’s watching!? Stopped watching long time ago but I still enjoy keeping updated from mj blog. 

  10. 22 hours ago, redwood79 said:

    You want this show to end yet... you're here because...? 


    54 minutes ago, m1key said:

    Exactly. Nobody is holding a gun at anybody's head saying you have to watch this season or any upcoming ones 💀

    as much as I enjoyed following the show, this season was my limit. too much controversy and double standards. the show introduced me to some incredible singers some I still follow but this season was the end for me. yet I still enjoy coming here to check what is going on. same as with checking and reading mj blog. 

  11. arthur just posted about it on his instagram. 

    using words of "unpleasant environmental experiences" and "these confrontations didn't need to happen at the show"

    take it as it is -  it is more than idol will tell. 

    it wasn't about the performance or the arrangement. he even apologized to sheryl crowe and invited her to one of his upcoming shows. 



  12. curious minds want to know what was behind that decision too. he was done dirty by TPTB. also the other contestants didn't seem that keen to embrace him. 

    they should have not done that twist and instead just let season 18 contestants perform as guests. almost all of the top 10/11 from last year has new music out and a little bit of promotion from the show would have helped.  

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  13. All By Myself - can't remember ANY of these performances... 

    Georgia on My Mind - Clark Beckham, Willie Spence

    Blackbird - Carly Smithson

    I Have Nothing - Jennifer Hudson, Vonzell Solomon, Gabby Barrett

    Change is Gonna Come - Syesha Mercado, Adam Lambert, Lilly Scott, Joshua Ledet, Willie Spence - honestly all of them were good. if I had to choose then it is between adam and joshua as the best. 

  14. 3 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

    Unfortunately, that is new new normal when the Jennifer, Tyler and Keith panel came into play. Or even even when it was Randy, Jennifer and Tyler.

    watching michael orland interviews with the idols he keeps saying that this is why he left after season 16 because they stopped judging. even during the fox era they still commented if a performance was bad and randy still noted if they were of key but with this panel there's none at all. 

    i don't tune in to see the judges perform. I want to see the contestants. and what happened to those from previous seasons. instead this year they let freaking luke bryan perform instead of season 17 winner who was trying to promote his music. LB doesn't need the show for promotion. Laine needed that spot more. once the finale used to be all about the contestants now it is all about the judges. they used to bring the previous year winner to perform and the moment they had celebrity judges they were thrown aside. 


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