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  1. 15 minutes ago, Bouli said:

    Not sure if anyone has posted this article yet, but it 100% confirms that Ryan's departure was due to violating COVID protocols. And it has the best source possible: Tori Walsh, an employee with NBC Universal.

    • “The Voice has strict Covid protocols in place to secure a safe set. Ryan broke those protocols and out of an abundance of caution, we cannot have him continue in the competition and potentially put others at risk,” Tori Walsh from NBC Universal told MLive. No other details were given as to how he broke protocol.


    That's disappointing, but, I wish him all the best after the show. He garnered a lot of fans during his time, way more than I would have thought when I first read the spoilers results.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, ashwinner said:

    i think it isn't the fact that he didn't have covid. i think it was the fact that he broke covid protocols, because if he did it once (and didn't get covid), they have no guarantee that he won't do it again (and will get covid that time). also, i think it's their way of showing that they're really strict/harsh on it, as if ryan got away with it, then other contestants might try to, and that would skyrocket the chances of a contestant getting covid.

    Yeah, if Ryan broke protocol then that’s disappointing but the Voice would be justified. But, like what CDH4 said above, the Voice could have just stated that upfront and there wouldn’t be this mystery at all. Since they didn’t (maybe they are drafting something up now), it does seem even more suspicious.


    I didn’t heed too much attention to this earlier in the week, but I noticed that the Voice Twitter reposted Taryn’s, Julia’s, and Larriah’s knockouts but NOT Ryan’s throughout all of last week. This kind of makes me think this wasn’t a last minute decision, and the producers were already moving for this to happen earlier in the week (without telling Ryan since he was still posting). Their reasoning for that is still unknown.


    I’ll still be following him afterwards because his voice moved me so much, but yeah, this is definitely an awkward situation. 

  3. I'm just holding out hope that he was DQed because he got a record deal. I know he (and Marisa) mentioned that if they make the lives, they can't release music for another year. (I'm not sure if that's actually true or not lol). But, we know that he was planning on holding an IG live event earlier today to 'spread cheer'... so what if this is all connected? Maybe Ryan is moving on to bigger and better things.


    Or this could just be just my optimist brain trying to rationalize everything... I'm so sad we didn't get to hear his duet with Kelly. 😢

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

    I’m getting Reagan Strange Cry flashbacks. 😬

    Hero really is a big risk, big reward song. He could easily get drowned out trying to match the soaring vocals, or he could propel himself even higher. We'll see tonight!


    EDIT: I remember Sharane S14 had momentum going after getting the PV and then tanked in Hero, so...

  5. 4 minutes ago, KimberlyxKyla said:

    i’m a huge Big Brother fan, but the most recent season, BB22, was incredibly frustrating and boring. i just feel the need to say that this season of The Voice has totally eclipsed BB22 in terms of drama... i mean Marisa’s elimination has served us a major blindside and a juicy, delicious meltdown on social media, the likes of which BB22 could never reach!!! all i’m saying is i’m savoring the drama like it’s a Thanksgiving feast🍽️🍗🥳 bon appétit friends!

    Seriously, I know what you mean. BB22 was a complete snoozefest. When the most exciting thing is the postgame drama of who follows and no longer follows who (looking at you, Davonne and Kevin 👀), you know the season sucked.


    Anyways, I feel really bad for Marisa because it sounds like she's been through a lot up until this point, but I hope she learns and grows from this.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Someone648 said:

    I don't recall Amanda saying anything shady in particular? I know she had a super long/really informative online diary thing written about her experience on the show but I don't recall anything bad.

    I honestly don't remember the details, but I think she had mentioned that Taylor was difficult to work with, and that she was superior in the battle and should have won. Thinking about it, this completely pales in comparison to the reactions from newer contestants (b/c she didn't like go for the coach's throat or anything). But probably in the context of that time, it was rarer to speak out against decisions made on the Voice. The only other early Voice saltiness that I remember was the guys trashing Erin Martin on the Walk Like an Egyptian battle. 😬

  7. On 11/27/2020 at 2:15 PM, ashwinner said:

    ryan gallagher

    presley tennant

    taylor john williams

    caroline reilly

    So much shade, but: all of their battle partners went off on tirades against the Voice after their elimination (Marisa, Rizzi, Amanda, Jake). 💀

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  8. Just now, Hamza Tufail said:

    OK. Mathew was definitely the most talked about contestant at the start. Tessanne was also well-liked but she gained a great support after her KO. Then Jaquie came forward in the PO. Then again Mathew gained the front-runner status after Hallelujah. Then Will C also became one of the favorites after his At Last. Then after BOTW Tessanne definitely became the true front-runner of the season and when she performed I Have Nothing it was game over for the rest of the contestants. That was one hell of a season and probably my fav season ever.

    Yes, S5 is my favorite as well! So many contestants had their own moments to shine where it felt like they could have taken it all: James Wolpert’s A Case of You, Matthew’s Hallelujah, Will’s At Last, and of course Tessanne. Everyone was so good in their own way.

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  9. 17 minutes ago, Hamza Tufail said:

    Are you saying all that based on the views of minivan ?


    Btw Tessanne is my 2nd fav contestant ever.



    I wasn’t like tracking Facebook reacts or comments or anything like that during that time. So this is from what I remember about the general hype each contestant had, as well as the iTunes rankings each week. I think iTunes was a pretty good representation of minivan’s support that season BECAUSE that season lacked strong country contestants (S5 being the last time Blake missed out on the finale IIRC). So minivan had to find other genres to support, and honestly that made the season super fluid. I feel like minivan always respected Tessanne but they had other favorites (Matthew, Will, and Jacquie to an extent) until Tessanne basically commanded their attention at the most crucial time. 

  10. 16 minutes ago, Hamza Tufail said:

    This is a question to those who are pro when it comes to minivan. 


    Were Tessanne/Josh/Jordan/Alison/Chris B and Maelyn liked by the minivan.


    I only came to know minivan since S17 because that was the time when I started lurking on IDF. Before that I was just a casual Fan and I knew nothing about MINIVAN/TPTB/TCO/Bussing or pimping a contestant etc...

    So for Season 5, Tessanne was honestly an interesting case. Minivan definitely liked Matthew Schuler at the start of lives, and IIRC Will Champlin got a ton of support with At Last. (Jacquie was also popular but I’d say she was more of an online/younger fan base favorite rather than minivan.) 


    Anyways, Tessanne was always considered a solid vocalist but she was pretty middle of the road for most of the lives on iTunes and in hype (Matthew especially, but also Jacquie, and Will all had a lot of support). Part of that I think was a stretch of weeks where Tessanne did reggae (solidly, but possibly harder to connect with the audience). After Matthew’s voice started declining, the competition was blown wide open. Tessanne only surged to the top in the semifinals when she nailed Bridge Over Troubled Water, and then it was smooth sailing from there.


    Tessanne is one of my favorite contestants (and vocalists) ever, so I remember these weeks pretty vividly haha.

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