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  1. Hmm... first could be Payge? The whole series is a page-turner! Second could be Lain. IDF getting invested in their favorites before they get eliminated in the battles.
  2. Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith, I think. I'm super interested in hearing his flipped version!
  3. That's disappointing, but, I wish him all the best after the show. He garnered a lot of fans during his time, way more than I would have thought when I first read the spoilers results.
  4. Yeah, if Ryan broke protocol then that’s disappointing but the Voice would be justified. But, like what CDH4 said above, the Voice could have just stated that upfront and there wouldn’t be this mystery at all. Since they didn’t (maybe they are drafting something up now), it does seem even more suspicious. I didn’t heed too much attention to this earlier in the week, but I noticed that the Voice Twitter reposted Taryn’s, Julia’s, and Larriah’s knockouts but NOT Ryan’s throughout all of last week. This kind of makes me think this wasn’t a last minute decision, and the producers were already moving for this to happen earlier in the week (without telling Ryan since he was still posting). Their reasoning for that is still unknown. I’ll still be following him afterwards because his voice moved me so much, but yeah, this is definitely an awkward situation.
  5. I'm just holding out hope that he was DQed because he got a record deal. I know he (and Marisa) mentioned that if they make the lives, they can't release music for another year. (I'm not sure if that's actually true or not lol). But, we know that he was planning on holding an IG live event earlier today to 'spread cheer'... so what if this is all connected? Maybe Ryan is moving on to bigger and better things. Or this could just be just my optimist brain trying to rationalize everything... I'm so sad we didn't get to hear his duet with Kelly.
  6. Yeah I think Ian has a chance for the PV. Because Jim's song doesn't really have a moment.
  7. Hero really is a big risk, big reward song. He could easily get drowned out trying to match the soaring vocals, or he could propel himself even higher. We'll see tonight! EDIT: I remember Sharane S14 had momentum going after getting the PV and then tanked in Hero, so...
  8. I think Desz will be fine, it's a popular song and Desz can pull it off consistently. Worked for Britton in S14 too.
  9. I think this is a solid choice to cross over to the viewers that see him as only able to sing opera. Plus, I love that he took inspiration from this beautiful duet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyLYdd-GjJ8
  10. Julia - hands to myself taryn - I hope you’re happy now larriah - sweet love
  11. Carter - hero, Mariah Carey version damn this is a big song so could go either way
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