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  1. Not only is Haley not forgotten, she has carved out a good and steady career for herself through hard work, determination and sheer talent. She remains relevant today as her career becomes even more versatile (i.e. her acting gig in " We Are Heroes"). If you added up all her video views on YouTube, the number would be astounding. One of Haley's young female co-stars on We Are Heroes has said Haley's latest album (Lo-Fi Souls) is one of her favorites. So it is very plausible to say Haley's music very much could have an influence on Casey Bishop. It is just speculation as of now though. In fact, the very first song I heard Casey sing, I thought of Haley.
  2. I liked both, but Haley's effort was in a league of its own and nearly propelled her to frontrunner status.
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