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Best Finale Performance Of S25 (upbeat, ballad, overall)


Pick one  

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  1. 1. Best uptempo

    • Bryan Olesen - freedom! 90.
    • Nathan Chester - it's your thing
    • Karen Waldrup -im alright
    • Asher Havon - last dance
    • Josh Sanders - boots on
  2. 2. Best ballad

    • Josh Sanders - go rest high on that mountain
    • Nathan Chester - Song for you
    • Karen Waldrup - what hurts the most
    • Bryan Olesen -beautiful things
    • Asher Havon - I will always love you
  3. 3. Best overall

    • Asher Havon - Last Dance
    • Asher Havon - I will always love you
    • Nathan Chester - Song for you
    • Nathan Chester - it's your thing
    • Josh Sanders - Go rest high on that mountain
    • Josh Sanders - boots on
    • Bryan Olesen - beautiful things
    • Bryan Olesen - freedom! 90
    • Karen Waldrup - what hurts the most
    • Karen Waldrup - it's alright.

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Asher Havon - Last Dance  -uptempo

Nathan Chester - Song For You -ballad

Nathan Chester - Song For You  -overall

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1 Nathan- a song for you

2 Asher- I will always love you

3 Asher- Last dance

4 Josh- Boots on

5 Bryan- Freedom

6 Nathan- Its your thing

7 Bryan- Beautiful things

8 Karen- what hurts the most

9 Josh-go rest high on the mountain  

10 Karen- I’m alright 

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Gonna rank while it's fresh in my memory 



1. Nathan

2. Karen

3. Asher

4. Bryan

5. Josh



1. Asher

2. Nathan

3. Josh

4. Bryan

5. Karen



Overall top 5

1. Asher - last dance

2. Nathan - it's your thing

3. Nathan - a song for you

4. Karen - what hurts the most

5. Asher - I will always love you


Overall id say a decent finale night. But nothing groundbreaking. My biggest surprise is Bryan actually having 2 solid performances in a row, and Asher's uptempo being my favourite lol.

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1. Asher HaVon - Loved Asher's song choice here! He always know how to deliver his best performances of the night every single week and has been super consistent. That was an incredible performance! What can't he sing? This man can sang the phonebook.


2. Nathan Chester - Perfect song for him. He crushed that and he was having a blast! Loved that.


3. Karen Waldrup - Great song for her! While this wasn't my favorite from her, she still did a fantastic job with it. It felt like she was having her own concert and having fun. I was dancing to the beat. She made the song her own. I just love everything she does. A real deal! I don't care what song she sings at all. I love her voice so much! 


4. Bryan Olesen - This was a better song for Bryan and I think he did very good here. I liked that better than his first performance.


5. Josh Sanders - Odd song for him and this didn't work. He sang it well but he came across as too stiff and awkward.



1. Asher HaVon - Loved this song choice for Asher! But of course all of Asher's song choices are always so perfect and fitting for him. I love all of his song choices. He shows that he can't pick a bad song choice at all. He never disappoints. John and Chance said it best, he is the best vocalist this season. His version and Wendy's version are my top 2 favorite of this song. Heck Jessica Sanchez and Ali Caldwell slayed this song. That was the best performance and his best performance of the season! Give this man the crown now! In honor of Jennifer Hudson, I threw my shoes and boots. 


2. Nathan Chester - I love this song choice for Nathan! So emotionally connected to the song. I felt that! 


3. Karen Waldrup - Perfect song for Karen! She sang this so beautifully and made it her own. I believed every word she sang and I felt so connected to it. This was my personal favorite from her so far. I also love her humble personality. 


4. Josh Sanders - This was a perfect song for him and Minivan bait. He sang this very well. I only wish his mic was louder.


5. Bryan Olesen - Bizarre song for Bryan. He isn't the type to sing this song and Emmy sang this better than Bryan. He sang it well but I needed more.


Best overall: Asher HaVon's ballad

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1. Asher HaVon - I Will Always Love You

2. Nathan Chester - A Song For You (VERY CLOSE second)

3. Nathan Chester - It's Your Thing

4. Karen Waldrup - What Hurts the Most

5. Asher HaVon - Last Dance

6. Bryan Olesen - Freedom! '90

7. Bryan Olesen - Beautiful Things

8. Josh Sanders - Go Rest High on That Mountain

9. Josh Sanders - Boots On

10. Karen Waldrup - I'm Alright


Rooting for Asher or Nathan to win!

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