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Niall Horan's Approval Rating

Hamza Tufail

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  • Hamza Tufail changed the title to Niall Horan's Approval Rating

Remember when I made the poll discussing if he was the best coach of all time and I was right?!?


Maybe he had terrible taste with Huntley (and the rest of his choices this season) but at least he knew America well enough to know they would actually vote for him to win. And Gina saved his reputation too. 


But overall as a coach I really love Niall (esp during the blinds). He adds so much to the show and he's just enjoyable to watch.

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He's probably my 3rd favorite coach, after Blake and Adam.


Yes, he's a fabulous coach, but he also has an incredible personality. He's charming, likeable, and funny as hell. He makes the blinds a lot more exciting.


And props to him for equaling Kelly's record of winning the first 2 seasons. I hope he comes back in 2025.

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Niall is charming and appealing, which brought up the ratings. In addition he seems to know the democratic well enough to pick his team. No other coaches have that distinction, except Blake and Kelly (both gone now)


He does give questionable song choices but rarely, but also he does bring some big UK hits to the show (like "Another Love"). 


In a nutshell, great addition to the show. Like the best new coach so far with Reba a close second. I only wants him to invest more on his clothing tbh, he looks a little bit basic for me on the show.

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