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The Voice S24: On our way to Playoffs (Team Legend) (Spoilers)


The Voice S24: On our way to Playoffs (Team Legend) (SPOILERS)  

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  1. 1. Choose your favorite

    • Mac Royals
    • Kaylee Shimizu
    • Lila Forde
    • Taylor Deneen
    • Kristen Brown
    • Azán

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1. Kaylee

2. Mac

3. Azan

4. Taylor

5. Lila

6. Kristen


I enjoyed all 5 of them a lot but Kristen did not deserve the steal at all. John was really stupid wasting his steal. Big mistake as she will get lost in the shuffle. 

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  • istersay changed the title to The Voice S24: On our way to Playoffs (Team Legend) (Spoilers)

As usual with a John team, R&B prevails, but we got some pop and country too.


1. Azán

2. Kaylee

3. Mac

4. Lila

5. Taylor

6. Kristen


Azán as crowned herself as my favorite here. I have throughouly enjoyed her run so far. Everybody but Kristen has has their moments so far. 

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This is probably the best team that John has ever had. Kaylee, Lila, and AZAN are 3 of my favorites from this show ever. I'm also beginning to like Mac after his KO, although I don't really remember his audition or battle. I've never really understood Taylor. Her performances have all been fine, but I wouldn't have chosen her over AZAN or anyone else from her KO. I'm not really sure why Kristen is still here. The fact that John used his steal on her and not someone like Chechi feels like insanity. 


  1. Lila
  2. Kaylee
  3. AZAN
  4. Mac
  5. (Wide Gap) Taylor
  6. (Wider Gap) Kristen


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Fine team, even if I find a few a bit generic.


1. Kaylee - She could win the show.

2. Lila - Very good, pretty tone and can only go upwards.

3. AZAN - I'm not too fond like many here, but she's a solid pick and won't flop.

4. Taylor - Solid, even if I find her less interesting than the above picks.

5. Mac - Consistent, but nothing too unique about him.

6. Kristen - I don't know what to say about this desperate steal, but she's here.

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