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The Voice S24 - Battles Ep 6/KOs Ep 1


The Voice S24 - Battles Ep 6/KOs Ep 1  

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  1. 1. Favorite battle performance?

    • Huntley vs Brailey Lenderman - Hold My Hand
    • Caitlin Quisenberry vs Crystal Nicole - The Song Remembers When
    • Kara Tenae vs Brandon Montel - Have you Ever?
  2. 2. Favorite KO performance?

    • Jacquie Roar - GIRL
    • Alison Albrecht - It´s Too Late
    • Tom Nitti - I´m Losing You
    • Caleb Sasser - Jealous
    • Kaylee Shimizu - Ain´t No Way
    • Mara Justine - Without You

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1. Kara vs. Brandon (its close though)

2. Huntley vs. Brailey

3. Caitlin vs. Crystal



1. Alison: What more did she have to do to win this KO? Great song choice, beautiful vocals, her tone is so clear & pretty. Not getting to hear her in the playoffs is such a travesty

2. Kaylee: Blew the roof off the place, a few vocal choices I found odd but she's clearly one of the most talented vocalists on the show


3. Jacquie: Love her power & the growl in her voice, didn't care too much for the song choice but she killed it nonetheless.

4. Mara: A few whiffed notes near the end but a great powerful performance overall, I love the gravel of her tone

5. Caleb: Wasn't even bad but he had no chance of getting stolen when he was set up with those other two.


6. Tom: Technically sound but his tone is so grating to me

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1. Huntley vs Brailey

2. Kara vs Brandon

3. Caitlyn vs Crystal


All good with the final battle decisions 🙂


1A. Jacquie Roar

1B. Kaylee Shimizu

3. Mara Justine

4. Tom Nitti

5. Alison Albrecht

6. Caleb Sasser

All solid KO’s! Some clearly stronger than others, but the right winners were picked in each. Voted Jacquie in the poll but Kaylee was right up there with her.

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Lopsided, but it worked overall. Plus H´s rasp is killer.

1. Huntley vs Brailey 


Both great vocalists, but the arrangement made it seem they were fighting the song at times.

2. Kara vs Brandon


This one didn´t work for me.

3. Caitlin vs Crystal




Had my doubts on the song choice, but she proved me wrong and then some! Killer job, she´s on to my Top 3 overall.

1. Jacquie


First time I´ve truly enjoyed him this season, seems like the soul lane suits him much better than country, he did great!

2. Tom


I didn´t connect with this one as much, but damn, she´s absolutely insane in the technical department, good job.

3. Kaylee


I want something more bluesy and swampy for her rasp, like her battle, the big ballads aren´t cutting for me.

4. Mara


Lovely tone, but she looked terrified, and nerves made her go nowhere with the song.

5. Alison


Poor dude. His voice is way too big for this flack of a song, and the contrast wasn´t good. No way he picked this.

6. Caleb

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