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Who won the battle: S24 Edition Part 2


Pick the winner  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. Mac Royals vs Rachele Nguyen

  2. 2. Julia Roome vs Olivia Eden

  3. 3. Willie Gomez vs Stee

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willie vs Stee


One of my favourite battles of the season. At first I thought Stee, but after relistening a couple of times, Willie's voice seems like it can do more. He had the more powerful voice with some impressive sustained belting and riffs. Stee's falsetto was certainly impressive but it's hard for falsetto to compete with chest belting on a head on battle. I'm surprised Willie didn't get stolen here tbh.


Olivia vs Julia


I didnt get the comments saying Julia was more consistent. They were both on pitch throughout. I think Julia can do more with her voice, there's more power behind hers. But Olivia's tone is much more distinct and not something you hear often. I would have picked her.



Mac vs Rachelle.


Rachelle is significantly better here than she was in her audition and was on even ground with Mac. I went with Mac though because he's so smooth while doing everything Rachelle did. I find Rachelle's tone pretty ordinary to be honest. Also, when two contestants are this even, only then do I go back to what they've done previously, and Mac has shown to be the better vocalist so far.



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Stee vs Willie

I'll admit I don't know this song or type of music so maybe I'm missing something, but at least from a vocal standpoint I just liked Stee better?


Rachele vs Mac

Didn't care for what Mac did here, he sounded uninvested and compared to how Rachele's tone brought some light to the song, I thought she easily won


Julia vs Olivia

I'm sorry but Julia's take on this song was so uninspiring? Maybe not much wrong with it technically but she sounded so boring and plain. Olivia was easily the better choice here imo.

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Can't help but notice, I've done 2 of these battle threads, and the 3 largest gaps in voting so far are the losers of the battle (Ephraim, Tanner, Willie) and only 1 of them gets stolen.


Seems like coaches are dropping the ball with these battles not only with song choices, but with their picks for winner. At least in the eyes of IDF, and we are still at the halfway mark before Battles end. Yikes, lol.

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