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Who sung it better: Battle Edition (heartbreak anniversary, amazed, Man's man's mans world)


Which battle version of "heartbreak anniversary" was better?  

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  1. 1. Which battle version of "heartbreak anniversary" was better?

    • Riley Tate Wilson vs Michael B
    • Kim Cruse vs David Andrew
  2. 2. Which battle version of "this is a man's man's world" was better"?

    • Sissuandra Lewis vs Biff Gore
    • Bryan Bautista vs Malik Heard
  3. 3. Which battle version of "amazed" was better?

    • Luke wade vs Griffin
    • Ryan Quinn vs Katie Basden

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Always found it a bit difficult to compare battles to solo performances, so thought I'd do a poll  comparing battles of the same songs.



Heartbreak anniversary







Man's man's mans world







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Man I remember thinking back in the day Luke vs griffin was one of the best battles ever, replayed it constantly.


Nowadays I still like it, but idk, their tones and approach towards the song were vastly different. It doesnt feel like they were singing together if that makes sense.


Sissuandra and Biff worked better but it felt like they were constantly trying to outdo each other. ( which ig it is a battle after all)


Bryan and Malik felt like a duet trying to create something great together which they did.


I think I would have liked sissuandra to sing it by herself instead honestly.


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