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I really loved her artistry during her audition so I made this fan thread to post about her materials. Say "add me" if you wanna be added!


Fan List:

1. allistr
2. Dany
3. istersay

4. Persy






Blind Audition:


Edited by allistr
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25 minutes ago, Dany said:

I really like her. Add me:hug:


10 minutes ago, istersay said:

add me please :mcwave:


I put theΒ Β put tthe thread in the fan thread directoryΒ 

You both are addedΒ :thumbsup: Thanks istersay for putting it to the directory

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Just now, Persy said:

Add me please! Her tone is so smoky in a way which I love.Β 

Added! And yes, her tone sounds very Billie Eil-ish, and I really enjoyed that. :clayhappy:

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