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DWTS32 Week 2 - Latin Night Discussion Thread!

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Latin Night is back this season! And with this cast, I'm sure there will be quite a few hot mess dances tonight. :giggle: And Artem is sadly out with COVID, so Ezra will be dancing with Charity tonight.


Also, the show took a page from Strictly/Ireland and is posting the dance style/song announcement videos on social media now now!


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Ooh I was just about to make a thread for tonight's show, so thank you for creating this, Amanda! 😄 


Oooh nice, I'm glad DWTS put up the dances via social media now and have clips of the couples dancing to them. I always enjoy those videos. 😄 


Anywho, I usually always look forward to Latin Night. I still am as I do love the theme but after some dances last week, I'm kinda nervous. :haha: 


And awww at Artem having COVID and not being able to dance tonight. :( But looking to see how Ezra fills in.

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1 minute ago, FrogLenzen said:

if the producers need a list of pros they can fire so that Ezra and Alexis can be on my screen every week, I'm happy to send it over


I want Ezra to be a pro, next season, perhaps in a same-sex partnership! 

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