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The Voice S24 - Premiere Poll


The Voice S24 - Premiere Poll  

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  1. 1. Favorite performance?

    • Jordan Rainer - Fancy
    • Joslynn Rose - Arcade
    • Deejay Young - This Woman´s Work
    • Sophia Hoffman - Tell Me You Love Me
    • Jackson Snelling - If Heaven Wasn´t So Far Away
    • Alexa Wildish - Songbird
    • Olivia Minogue - Lay Me Down
    • Kristen Brown - Blown Away
    • Mara Justine - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  2. 2. Grade the Premiere

    • A (Amazing)
    • B (Good)
    • C (Ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (Fail)
  3. 3. First impression of Reba on the red chair?

    • Yep.
    • Nope.
    • Unsure.

Recommended Posts

  1. Alexa
  2. Mara
  3. Jordan
  4. Jackson
  5. Deejay
  6. Kristen
  7. Sophia
  8. Joslynn
  9. Olivia

Gave the premiere a B when it's really more like a B+: all of the auditions were solid, but John's struggles/reluctance to pitch himself + Gwen constantly mentioning Blake both got stale really quickly.

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My top 3


1. Mara Justine


She showed a lot of different flavours to her voice compared to everyone else and I liked every one of them. Tonally she's my favourite. Not to mention the power!


2. Deejay.


From what we've seen he might be the most technically gifted singer so far.. Gorgeous headvoice, incredible range and runs. My only criticism is that he was a little too showy for the type of song he was singing.


3. Alexa.


Her belts were unpleasant for me, but everything else sounded gorgeous and was tastefully done 




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OK I'm finally caught up!

Solid premiere! I don't know if I'd call it the best premiere, but it's nice to have the show back!


Kind of a mess?

9. Joslynn Rose

8. Olivia Minogue

7. Kristen Brown


Good for her!

6. Sophia Hoffman


Great in her niche

5. Jordan Rainer


Kind of a mess.... but in a good way?

4. Deejay Young


Sincerity would get you anywhere

3. Jackson Snelling


Unhinged, raw, full of potential

2. Mara Justine


A breath of fresh air

1. Alexa Wildish

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Mara, Jackson and Kristen were the ones I enjoyed the most. The rest were a notch below them.


I didn't dislike anyone except the guy who didn't get a chair turn so it was over all a good episode and I gave it a B. I don't stan anyone yet so that kept it from getting an A.

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Bit off more than they could chew

9. Olivia

8. Sophia (oof, I expected to like this more)

7. Kristen


Clearly talented, but not a pleasant listen imo

6. Deejay


Still not my cup of tea, but sounded better than I remember on relisten

5. Jackson



4. Jordan



3. Josslyn


We have to stan

2. Mara



1. Alexa

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Some really great performances tonight! I think I give it a B overall.



1. Alexa Wildish


Unexpectedly great

2. Jackson Snelling

3. Jordan Rainer

4. Joslynn Rose

5. Deejay Young

6. Sophia Hoffman


Some vocal choices that didn't really vibe with me, but they're clearly capable of performing even better.

7. Mara Justine

8. Olivia Minogue

9. Kristen Brown


Reba is phenomenal.

I'm liking how they're playing up the interactions between the coaches. It's over the top but not annoying (yet). I missed John and Gwen and I'm liking Niall even more.

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I didn't know what to expect of Niall last season but ended up liking him as a coach from the very first episode. In my opinion, he's similar to Blake and both of them come across as funny, warm, and authentic on camera, as does Reba. Although she's probably the best replacement they could've found for Blake, I'll still miss him on the show.


Everyone who turned a chair tonight deserved it. I thought sixteen-year-old Joslynn did great. Jordan will be entertaining to watch, but I prefer Jackson's tone.



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Hot take: None of them were standouts.


I liked Jordan, Jackson, and Alexa, but I'm not sure who I prefer. Mara is a great singer, but I thought the song didn't allow her to showcase her vocal abilities. I liked Joslynn as well, a little bit though.


Grade: B- or in the Cs.


First impression of Reba? Yep. 😍



Things can change after a few rewatches

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I personally though this one was a bit weaker than most of y'all. Gave it a C. Enjoying Reba so far.


Bluesy, country, ragged. Just how I like them

1. Jordan


Had no clue of their existence, but they sure introduced themselves

2. Alexa

3. Jackson


A clearly phenomenal vocalist, but I think he threw too many ingredients in the soup for my taste. Still good though.

4. Deejay


Those high notes were spectacular, but the low ones got a bit drowned. Liked her better in her coach duet.

5. Mara


Gorgeous tone, clearly green though. 

6. Joslynn


Talented ladies, their renditions didnt work for me

7. Sophia 

8. Kristen 

9. Olivia 



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10 hours ago, TeamAudra said:

Jackson was my favorite of the night. Alexa and Mara round out the top 3. 

Adding to this. I give the episode a C. This was not a great premiere. If I were to do a ranking, I suspect it would be in the bottom half.


I give Reba a solid B. At times, I think she tried too hard to be funny, but she’s definitely a great addition to the cast. I still can’t believe they were able to convince her to do it. 

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It was an alright premiere, not many standouts imo. Mara wasn’t perfect but her audition showed the most potential for me. I also liked Jackson, his performance was so sweet!

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I thought the premiere was pretty strong! However, there weren't any true "standouts" to me. 


I rooted for Mara on both AGT and Idol and her Blind is the best she has sounded imo. Glad she is focusing more on her tone rather than singing songs from the diva songbook just to show off her high notes.


Olivia was my personal fave of the night just because I feel like she has the most potential that could be tapped into. 

I can see the appeal with Alexa Wildish but I'll need to hear another performance before I decide my opinion

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I thought the premiere was good, dominating by female singers, but I like it. Overall B for me.

First impression of Reba :wub:

1. Alexa Wildish

2. Mara Justine

3. Joslynn Rose (I kinda liked her, but I understand that why Gwen dropped her in battles)

4. Jordan Rainer

5. Jackson Snelling

6. Kristen Brown

7. Deejay Young

8. Olivia Minogue

9. Sophia Hoffman

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I guess I’ll give it a C.

For what it’s worth, that was a much better premiere than last season’s. Have to agree with IDF here, Mara and Alexa were the standouts (took me a few rewatches to fully get into the former but now I would say she won the night), but oddly enough I enjoyed all 3 country acts to some extent. Everyone else was either forgettable or a bit too green.

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