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The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion (Premieres 10/25)


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Seems a bit early for a cast announcement, but the Season 39 cast has officially been revealed. It's all former challengers who have not won yet. I didn't know the twist about the champions though 😮


"But just because the season's cast is made up entirely of non-winners, they'll still have to beat the best to be the best. Legendary Challenge champs CT Tamburello, Cara Maria Sorbello, Jordan Wiseley, Darrell Taylor, Laurel Stucky, Tori Deal, Brad Fiorenza, Devin Walker, Kaycee Clark, and Kaz Crossley will return in surprise elimination appearances throughout the season. However, unlike in season 32's Final Reckoning, the champions are only there to compete in eliminations against the contenders and will not get to earn their way into the game if they win."



Jessica Brody - Australia
Berna Canbeldek - Spies, Lies & Allies
Ed Eason - Spies, Lies & Allies
Big T Fazakerley - War of the Worlds 2, Total Madness, Double Agents, Spies, Lies & Allies
Michele Fitzgerald - Spies, Lies & Allies, Ride or Dies, USA 2
Asaf Goren - Total Madness
Horacio Gutiérrez - Ride or Dies
Callum Izzard - UK
Moriah Jadea - Ride or Dies
Jujuy Jiménez - Argentina, World Championship
Olivia Kaiser - Ride or Dies
Corey Lay - Spies, Lies & Allies
James Lock - UK
Nurys Mateo - Ride or Dies
Hughie Maughan - Spies, Lies & Allies
Emanuel Neagu - Spies, Lies & Allies
Chauncey Palmer - Ride or Dies
Melissa Reeves - Vendettas, Final Reckoning, Total Madness
Ravyn Rochelle - Ride or Dies
Colleen Schneider - Ride or Dies
Jay Starrett - Total Madness, Double Agents, Ride or Dies
Ciarran Stott - Australia
Kyland Young - USA 1
Zara Zoffany - UK, World Championship



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Still no news about All-Stars 4 though, that is so absurd :/


This is my first time finding out who the champions are. Wow Cara Maria's really all in back in the Challenge world! Kaz is a pretty shocking choice, though she is 2 for 2. Shocked there's no Bananas!

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After last season, I'm not surprised that Horacio & Olivia got the biggest pictures of the promo photo. :dead: 

Oooh I do really like the theme of non-winners. I feel like this gives the challengers all an even playing field with no one really dominant as a strategic or physical player. And wow the twist regarding the champions is really interesting. So I take it that the Challengers have to beat the Champions to stay in the game but if they lose, they get eliminated? Veryy interesting. 😮 And I'm also really liking the twist that the champions will only be apart of eliminations and not enter the game. 

But whoa, reallly shocked not to see Bananas name involved in the cast. 😮 LOL This is a kind of season I wouldn't mind him being in as he wouldn't be apart of the actual game.  :dead: (But I'm guessing he maybe isn't apart of this season as he's on the House of Villains show? And maybe those filmed at the same time?).

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