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The Voice ■ S24 ■ Spoilers/News/Updates Reba, John, Gwen, Niall


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2 hours ago, thevoicefandom said:

how about @Someone648 pleasure us with the late night KO spoilers🤣🤣🤣

In case he actually does, any speculation? If they make any sort of sense (which they won’t) I’m gonna do 2 for each 3 coaches who’s teams we mostly know. Winners Unknown. No conform. This was purely my brain randomly guessing.



1. Jenna V Kristen V Tanner - Twang Pop Singers

2. RUDI V Kara V Corii - Soulful Girls


1. Lennon V Olivia V Noah - Ethereal Indie Singers

2. Julia V Alexa V Claudia - Young Girls


1. Tom V Jordan V Jacquie - Country Rockers

2. Ruby V Caitlin V Rachele - Young Country Girls & Rachele would make sense for the third partner.





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11 hours ago, istersay said:

is this her? a post from AI



11 hours ago, istersay said:


and this looks like a competition







Btw, I didn't know she was on Idol as well.




I love the softer side of her voice.




But she can hit notes as well.



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Guys, I would like to hear the following songs on The Voice.Let see


1 .Ben Moody feat. Anastacia - Everything Burns

2 .Chad Kroeger feat. Josey Scott - Hero

3. The Phantom of The Opera' Sarah Brightman & Antonio Banderas

4.Linkin Park-Crawling

5- Lullaby -Nickelback 

 Still Got The Blues- Gary Moore 

7.Beth Hart - Jazz Man

8 Beth Hart - Leave The Light On

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1 hour ago, BlinkTwice said:

Now that y’all know who has auditioned since we have posted our flyers, I would like to offer a correction…. THIS is Stee’s actual YouTube channel. I am very disappointed in you for messing this up. Let’s try to do a little better on stalking us, okay guys? 




  season 24



Guilty GIFs | Tenor

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Saw a bit of the promo and caught Jordan Rainer there. She sang a Reba song, apparently a female empowerment song about what women have to go through to survive. My guess is "Fancy".


And with her battle, that'd make two Reba songs for her so far, assuming spoilers are correct.

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