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The Amazing Race 35


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TAR news is coming in hot, possible cast reveal later today? Two seasons have already been shot and looks like the more recently filmed season will be premiering first! This is because we're getting hour and a half long episodes and the season shot first was planned as just hour long episodes.


Commercial flights are returning for the first time since the pandemic so that's great news! Hopefully we get some flight scrambling this season. U-Turns & express passes are also back but there will still be no NEL legs, which is why they've upped the cast to 13, the most we've ever seen.


I prefer smaller casts, but overall, this is all great news to me!

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Ooh hopefully there will be a cast announcement today of the upcoming season. 😮 


Ooh dear at no NEL legs. That definitely worries for me for when my favorites struggle. :dead: Ooh at 13 teams being the largest cast yet. 😮 

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Yup here's our cast!



Alexandra Lichtor and Sheridan Lichtor - Siblings

Ashlie Martin and Todd Martin - Married

Elizabeth Rivera and Iliana Rivera - Mother & Daughter

Greg Franklin and John Franklin - Brothers

Jocelyn Chao and Victor Limary - Married

Joe Moskowitz and Ian Todd - Engaged

Joel Strasser and Garrett Smith - Best Friends

Liam Hykel and Yeremi Hykel - Brothers

Malaina Hatcher and Andrea Simpson - Best Friends

Morgan Franklin and Lena Franklin - Sisters

Rob McArthur and Corey McArthur - Father & Son

Robbin Tomich and Chelsea Day - Childhood Best Friends

Steve Cargile and Anna Leigh Wilson - Father & Daughter


From first glance, doesn't look like any stunt casting or already "famous" people

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A new season???:spaz: Glad we no longer have to wait 2 years in between seasons. :dead: 

With there being no Big Brother or Survivor crossovers that become the automatic IDF favorites, it'll be interesting to see which teams IDF ends up rooting for.

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Is there interest in a draft here? I tend to avoid TAR drafts because the seasons are so heavily spoiled lol. But I don't look at spoilers and others don't as well, I'd be open to running one if there's interest.

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Yeah, it's always hard to keep track of all the teams on the premiere. I'm just glad they did away with last season's episode format so we at least know the placements of each team as the leg progresses. :dead: 

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