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August 25th Central Wisconsin Fair ~ Marshfield ~ WI


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17 minutes ago, sinycalone said:

Spence P seems impressed by the cows in Wisconsin...per his IG story.



I saw that this morning ... maybe he misses them now he lives in Nashville.🤣 I think he was amused by the guy who apparently left his mic on &  catching the  mooing 🤣


I miss the country noises still ...growing up the country we were surrounded by farms & i got quite used to the cows,pigs roosters ,sheep etc

.My delights these days are the cute deer and their babies,along with a stray wild  rabbit  munching/devouring on my plants for breakfast,lunch & dinner  🙄 Apparently the 100 acre wood /park next to me doesnot contain such a delicious menu suitable for them .🤣

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Apparently there was a big concert last night.... but a big baseball game broke out also ..............🤣..followed by some advi🤣












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