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August 23rd Appalachian Fair ~ Gray ~ TN


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August 23rd 

Scotty - 8pm  .....Main Stage 



GA Fair Ticket  includes entry to Main Stage : $10

Reserved Main Stage : GA Entry ticket + $15


RESERVED SEATS FOR ALL CONCERTS WILL BE $15 PER SEAT! And require the purchase of a General Admission ticket as well.



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There are quite a few posts on IG that you can only see when you use the search feature.  Unfortunately, I can access them on my phone...but not on my computer.  There has been a glitch for at least 24 hours.

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An awesome review of Scotty at Appalachian Fair ..with pictures ..🎵









Scotty McCreery on the Main Stage at the Appalachian Fair



Bonus pics ..Little family took a trip around the fair..🥰















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