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The Voice AllStar Season: First Slot for Season 14, 13 and 12


Pick the contestant you'd want most in an All-star season  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Season 14

    • Kyla Jade
    • Britton Buchanan
    • Wilkes
    • Kelsea Johnson
    • Johnny Bliss
    • Jackie Foster
    • Terrence Cunningham
    • Tish Haynes Keys
    • Reid Umstattd
    • Christiana Danielle
    • Spensha Baker
    • Mia Boostrom
    • Sharane Callister
    • Rayshun Lamarr
    • Other (name in comments any live contestant other than winner
  2. 2. Season 13

    • Shi'ann Jones
    • Davon Fleming
    • Keisha Renee
    • Addison Agen
    • Red Marlow
    • Noah Mac
    • Jon Mero
    • Adam Cunningham
    • Ashland Craft
    • Brooke Simpson
    • Janice Freeman (Rip)
  3. 3. Season 12

    • Aliyah Molden
    • Vanessa Ferguson
    • Hunter Plake
    • Stephanie Rice
    • Brennley Brown
    • JChosen
    • Jesse Larson
    • Casi Joy
    • Lauren Duski
    • Troy Ramey
    • Lilli Passero
    • Aaliyah Rose
    • Felicia Temple
    • Anatalia Vilaranda
    • Other (name any live contestant other than winner)

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Continuing with this again, I plan to do the first slots of every season first and then come back around for the 2nd slots.


Only contestants that made lives will be on the Poll (so no playoff contestants in s13) You may choose based on whatever criteria you prefer. Could be someone you think was shafted by song selection, eliminated too early, simply your favourite of the options, etc. The winner will be excluded from the polls.


Didn't know whether to include Janice Freeman or not for obvious reasons..but eh.



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Posted (edited)

My picks.


S14: Kyla Jade is by far my favourite contestant of the season, and while I'd like to hear her tackle jazz/modern rnb, I feel like we've seen most of what she's capable of vocally. I'd personally give Wilkes a chance because he's fairly unique among the cast and was eliminated early.


S13: would definitely give it to one of the young ones just because they're most likely to show the most growth vocally and artistically. Addison is the obvious choice but I'd actually go with Shi'ann. Excellent raw tools but there was a lot of room for  improvement in how she applied her skills. Seeing her 6 years later I'd be interested to see if she's honed her talent.


S12: same with S13, probably one of the younger ones. Coinflip between Brennley and Aliyah Moulden.

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S14: too many robberies, but went with Reid


S13: Janice


S12: didn’t really feel strongly about any lol? I mean the 3 I would choose (Vanessa, Hunter or Brennley) all made the semis at least so idk, but I went with Vanessa

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